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Brice's Modular Synthesizer (Blacet, Wiard, and DIY Modules)Welcome to SynthModules!
(Last updated Tuesday February 20, 2007 at 06:44 PM)

I’d like to introduce to you to the SynthModules Web site.  Here you'll find new modules for you analog modular synthesizer unlike any you'll find elsewhere.  We specialize in modules that are the Frac-Rack format and thus are compatible with Blacet, PAiA, and Wiard 1200 series modules. 

Whether you're after special effects and those wonderful analog sounds, or looking to add a new level of creativity to your own compositions, these modules are for you!

Blacet Research modules are highly recommended for use with our SynthModules PSIM series modules.

PSIM Series Modules:
Welcome to a new era of hybrid analog/digital synthesizer modules!

  • PSIM-1 (The Original!)
    (Programmable Synthesizer Interface Module)

  • PSIM-1 FAQ

  • Other PSIM Series Add-On Modules Coming Soon

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Other Modules:

  • Coming Soon


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