Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

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Thursday, 26 August 2010 16:36

Not long ago, the study of fluid flow, heat transfer and combustion processes was done theoretically and experimentally. With the increasing processing power of computers, a third approach in research was developed – computational fluid dynamics - which completes the theoretical approach and pure experimentation.

Consequently, more and more companies, government institutions and design institutes require services in the the computational fluid dynamics field in order to optimize the designing processes and to improve the quality of products. In most cases, particularly when an urgent project occurs, these institutions and companies find it difficult to come up with a solution because they do not face such problems every day. These problems do not justify employing a specialist and even less investing a large amount of money for the acquisition of the necessary computers and the simulation programs.

Based on these requirements, we created at the "Dunarea de Jos" University of Galaţi a computational fluid dynamics laboratory (CFDLAB) with funding from the National Agency for Scientific Research under contract 169CP1/29.08.2008 with a budget of 230,000 euro, project director being Florin Popescu.

The Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory - CFDLAB - is a competitive and reliable partner for industry and design institutes, providing services in the computational fluid dynamics field. The research domains we have in view are: fluid flow simulations with or without heat transfer, polyphasic fluid flows simulations, air quality, combustion modeling, fluid-structure interaction problems.
A second objective considered is to train young researchers in computational fluid dynamics which is one of the most advanced and fascinating research approaches in engineering.

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