About Ron

I want to thank each of you who have had a part in our campaign.

My God Bless you each

as we were blessed to have met many good people

over this last year and a half of the Slepecki campaign.

Thank you

“America’s world leadership is a product of the hard work  of our citizens and ingenuity of our businesses”

Ron & Kyong Cha Slepecki

Ron retired after 20 years of active military service with the United States Air Force.

He holds degrees in Business Management from University of Maryland; Master of Computer Science in Information Systems (MSIS) from Hawaii Pacific University; Applied Science Degree, Weapons Systems, USAF Community College; Liberal Arts Degree, Saint Leo University of Florida; Ron has instructed at both Graduate and Under Graduate levels at Hawaii Pacific and Wayland Baptist Universities.
Ron has served as an officer on the Northeast Community Council in the positions of Secretary and Parliamentarian.
He is the Founder of East Anchorage Pack 316 (Cub Scouts), Troop 1316 (Boy Scouts) and Girl Scout Troop’s 365 (Daisy’s), 717 (Brownies), 307 (Juniors), and 764 (Cadets)
A Strong supporter of the free enterprise system that has made America the world leader and believe Alaska’s future must be caused through responsible efforts by our States leaders to support our businesses by providing new incentives, and legislation that encourages innovation and resists every effort to replace the free enterprise system with an oversize government that absorbs revenues as fast as they can possibly be produced.

We must not overspend on unsustainable social programs nor discourage the hard work and creativity by our state’s existing work force. Alaska, nor America, can continue to compete and provide leadership for tomorrow while “re-distributing wealth” to those who are able bodied, but unwilling to participate in our success. “Simply giving money to individuals due to no effort of their own, will only trap them in poverty without hope of ever breaking free, realizing their personal value, or experiencing the satisfaction and self worth by their contribution to our economy.”

Should you install me as your Alaska Senator, you will have an organized, disciplined, motivated, and “community needs focused representative” that will work hard for you and put the people of our community first. I will communicate with my constituents and pass legislation to bring needed jobs to families in Districts 19, 20 and throughout Alaska. I will fight for what matters to Alaskans based on the reality of our States strengths as a strategic location that is rich with natural as well as renewable resources.

Vote for Ron Slepecki

Pro-Military, Pro-Business, Pro-Second Amendment, “Pro-Family”

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