It is the largest and most consistent networking organization in the nation

Originating in the late 1980's, First Fridays has a strong name recognition with almost 20 years presence in the marketplace

Operates in 30 cities across the United States

Consistently attracts 300 to 3,000 loyal patrons to our signature First Fridays event each month per city

Top professional and entertainment destination for the trend setting urban marketplace

It is the #1 event in urban America reaching over 850,000 professionals


First Fridays United (FFU) is a marketing company that aligns the separate First Fridays organizations into one cohesive entity to gain increased marketing and advertising opportunities for our corporate clients. FFU is also a service-motivated corporation providing a unique vehicle designed to serve the urban community. To achieve this goal, FFU hosts a wide variety of activities and events creating an opportunity for professionals to learn, network and socialize while providing a rare conduit for corporations to disseminate information and products to urban professionals.


First Fridays United (FFU) was founded in May 2002 by First Fridays (FF) organizations in the following seven cities:

Chicago, IL
Hartford, CT
Houston, TX
Philadelphia, PA
Phoenix, AZ
San Francisco, CA and
Washington, DC.

These organizations have an average of over 7 years experience in hosting First Fridays events


FFU management presently consists of members from the original seven cities. The management team runs the day-to-day issues of the company and along with committees made up of the FFUA membership coordinates:

National sponsorship
National marketing & public relations
FFU website
Communication between First Fridays organizations
Special Programs and events
Legal issues


First Fridays United Association (FFUA) is a body composed of authorized individual FF organizations in various cities throughout the United States and abroad. FFUA members must abide by the association bylaws to be in good standing and receive the benefits of Membership such as: compensation, voting rights, and association discounts. Eligibility for membership in FFUA is based on the following: Vested - all FF organizations are required to have been operating continuously for a set amount of time to receive voting rights in the FFUA, sponsorship dollars, and other compensation. Qualified - all FF organizations must adhere to established guidelines policies and procedures.