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About TTA Press

Publishers of Interzone, Black Static, Crimewave and more

About TTA Press

The publisher is named after the magazine it founded in 1994, The Third Alternative, which was renowned for its slipstream/horror fiction and introduction (or early publication) of writers such as Nicholas Royle, Justina Robson, Chris Kenworthy, Joel Lane, Conrad Williams, Alexander Glass, Lynda E. Rucker, Karen Fishler, Joe Hill, Tamar Yellin, Mike O’Driscoll, Andrew Hook, Jamie Barras, Simon Avery, Tim Lees, Paul Meloy, Nina Allan, Andrew Humphrey, Jay Lake and a great many others. The magazine also published the likes of Christopher Priest, Steve Rasnic Tem, James Lovegrove, Peter Crowther, Paul Di Filippo, Don Webb, Tim Lebbon, Mark Morris, Tom Piccirilli, Michael Marshall Smith, Ian Watson, Tony Ballantyne, M. John Harrison, Muriel Gray, Graham Joyce, Simon Ings, Christopher Fowler, Brian Hodge, Brian Aldiss, Eric Brown, Alan Wall, James Sallis, Susan Fry, Mélanie Fazi, Vandana Singh, Scott Nicholson, Elizabeth Bear and many others. The magazine was shortlisted for the Hugo Award a few times, twice winner of the British Fantasy Award, and winner of the International Horror Guild Award. The first best-of-TTA anthology, Last Rites and Resurrections, also won a British Fantasy Award (and is long out of print).



Item image: Crimewave 10 coverIn 1999 crime writer Mat Coward suggested that we filled a gap in the market by publishing a magazine for crime and mystery short stories. So Crimewave was born. Mat agreed to edit the first couple of issues, then co-edit with Andy Cox the next couple before stepping down (and becoming a contributor). Taking a unique approach to the genre Crimewave continues to publish the kind of fiction you just don’t find anywhere else, picking up nothing but rave reviews, some of its stories winning prestigious awards such as the CWA Dagger and many of them earning reprints in Year’s Best anthologies of various genres. Crimewave has published stories by Ian Rankin, Molly Brown, Tom Piccirilli, Michael Z. Lewin, Martin Edwards, Mike O’Driscoll, Steve Rasnic Tem, Antony Mann, Shelley Costa, Michel Faber, Christopher Fowler, Sean Doolittle, Ceri Jordan, Marion Arnott, Chaz Brenchley, Brian Hodge, Susan Sonde, Scott Nicholson, Susan Fry, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Stephen Volk, Joel Lane, Michelle Scalise, Joe Hill, Muriel Gray, James Sallis, John Grant, John Shirley, Gary W. Shockley, Mick Scully and many others. Crimewave is currently published twice a year as a demy paperback, each issue with its own subtitle and ISBN (as well as series ISSN).



Item image: IZ 220 coverIn 2005 we took over from David Pringle as publisher of Interzone, which is now Britain's longest running science fiction and fantasy magazine, and which since 1982 has launched the careers of a great many SF and Fantasy writers. Interzone is often shortlisted for many awards, and has won the Hugo and British Fantasy Awards. The magazine continues to publish some of the world’s finest writers and most talented newcomers. Amongst those to have graced its pages are Brian Aldiss, Sarah Ash, Michael Moorcock, Bruce Sterling, William Gibson, M. John Harrison, Stephen Baxter, Iain M Banks, J.G. Ballard, Kim Newman, Alastair Reynolds, Harlan Ellison, Greg Egan, Gwyneth Jones, Jonathan Lethem, Geoff Ryman, Rachel Pollack, Charles Stross, Jon Courtenay Grimwood, John Brunner, Paul McAuley, Ian R. MacLeod, Christopher Priest… A lot of the newer authors we're publishing are getting some attention, such as Aliette de Bodard, Jason Sanford, Mercurio D. Rivera, Will McIntosh, Jason Stoddard, Kim Lakin-Smith, Gareth L. Powell, Alaya Dawn Johnson, Gord Sellar, M.K. Hobson, Raschel Swirsky, Tim Akers... The magazine is highly illustrated, and contains a large reviews section covering books, films and DVD/BDs, interviews, etc. It is currently published bimonthly, in alternate months to Black Static. We offer a discounted joint subscription to Interzone + Black Static.


Black Static

Item image: Black Static 9With the arrival of Interzone it was no longer necessary to publish anything remotely SF or Fantasy in The Third Alternative, so we took the opportunity to focus on the magazine's darker side and give it a new title to emphasise the slight shift in focus. Black Static (strapline 'Transmissions From Beyond') was launched in September 2007, and has continued the TTA tradition of publishing horror fiction that pushes the genre envelope, with stories by Joel Lane (winner of the Brirtish Fantasy Award for his story in issue 1), Nicholas Royle, Conrad Williams, Christopher Fowler, Lynda E. Rucker, Mélanie Fazi, Stephen Volk, Daniel Kaysen, Tony Richards, Lisa Tuttle, Aliette de Bodard, Cody Goodfellow, Scott Nicholson, Steve Rasnic Tem, Bruce Holland Rogers, Nina Allan, Matthew Holness, Alexander Glass, Simon Avery, Gary McMahon, Gary Fry, Peter Tennant, Mike O'Driscoll, and exciting new talents such as James Cooper, Tyler Keevil, Roz Clarke, Shannon Page, Scott Lambridis, Sarah Totton, Tim Casson, Alison J. Littlewood, Eric Gregory and many others. The original art in every issue entirely by David Gentry, and emphasises the whole 'transmissions from beyond' look and feel. Peter Tennant and Tony Lee provide the book and DVD/BD reviews and interviews, and regular comment is supplied by Stephen Volk, Christopher Fowler and Mike O'Driscoll. The magazine is currently published bimonthly, in alternate months to Interzone. We offer a discounted joint subscription to Black Static + Interzone.


The Fix

Obviously TTA Press is mostly about short stories, which don't receive anything like enough coverage from the media. So we launched The Fix, a free online magazine that reviews, in depth, short stories in magazines, anthologies, collections, webzines, audio, wherever and however they may be published. These reviews are accompanied by a number of regular columns about the creation of short fiction, author interviews and much more. The Fix is edited by Eugie Foster and updated constantly. Click on the link in the title bar.


Transmissions From Beyond

Item image: Transmissions From BeyondWe borrowed the Black Static strapline for the TTA Press podcast, Transmissions From Beyond, which broadcasts every fortnight in high quality audio a story selected by Pete Bullock from the pages of the above magazines, as well as the occasional book extract or special feature. We intend to incorporate Transmissions From Beyond into the website but for now please click on the link in the title bar. You can subscribe to the podcast direct from our Transmissions From Beyond website (click on the Podcast link in the title bar) or from places like iTunes.



Item image: Alison coverSo far we’ve only published a few books. Apart from the above mentioned Last Rites and Resurrections (out of print), there’s Allen Ashley’s debut novel The Planet Suite (still available, and at a reduced price); Ray Nayler’s dark and brooding homage to the private eye novel American Graveyards (still available); and Mat Coward’s hilarious writers’ guide Success…And How To Avoid It (still available). More recent titles include: Paul Meloy’s story collection Islington Crocodiles (currently out of print); Andrew Humphrey’s dark mystery novel Alison (still available in both paperback and hardback). You can read more about these in the appropriate section. We hope to publish more books, more often, so please watch for announcements.



As well as news and various updates related to our print publications, this website will contain much site-exclusive content: blogs, interviews and other special features, competitions and so on. Bookmark us and return often. Many thanks to Paul Drummond, who designed and built this website for us.