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Check Out The First Battlefield 3 Teaser Trailer!

DICE delivers the first teaser trailer, and we reveal a few must-read details about EA's next big shooter.

Here it is – a buzz clip featuring some blurry images of urban warfare, the promise of a fall release date, and a Trent Reznor-style treatment of the classic Battlefield theme song:

Most of the hard information is being kept under wraps for the cover story, but here's some declassified intel for you: Several standout features that defined Battlefield 2 return to the fold, including 64-player multiplayer on PC, jets, and the ability to go prone. What other features do you hope to see in Battlefield 3?


    *cackles to self*
  • The teaser got me a bit more excited. I'm a bit meh on this, but I'm waiting for the cover story to be impressed.

  • another military FPS.
  • Oh boy. Oh boy, oh boy. BF2 is still a blast to play, this better hold up to my standards.

  • OMG!!! I can't wait for this game

  • This might be the wrong thing to ask but still treading softly in BF territory, but do you guys think there will be destructible environment? Judging from the cover, the buildings are a mess and there seems to be an orange glowing spot, which insinuated fire on the BF:BC2 cover. But if there is destructibility and I was a bit late on the updates, then yay?! Also, just saw the Frostbite 2 engine in the tags. So excited! Yet, I'm a bit watered down with so many FPSes coming out...
  • That might as well been an announcement trailer as far as I'm concerned.  We all knew they where making this long ago so why not show at least a glimpse of actual gameplay.

  • tough to make anything out, but in general suggests pretty epic gameplay. more plz!

  • So, blowing up a building with a sidewinder? EPIC!

  • hopefully the screen wont move when you fire. I hate it when it does that! i dont like to ads(aim down sight)

  • A bit underwhelming, even by teaser trailer standards,
  • Yet another reason to own a PC. Why am I stuck with an Xbox?
  • now i seriously cant wait!!!! its gonna be amazing day one buy (if im not homeless by then)i love and still play battlefield 1942 and 2 love them i cant wait to see what they add. but i really hope they do Not put kill streaks or perks atleast no kill streaks i know games have bin doing that but i pray they dont

  • I couldn't help but think what an awesome movie could be made from the Battlefield series after watching this. Also, would it be too much to ask to get a decent version of this on the PC??? You know... where FPS's actually started?

  • OMG, if this is anything like BF2, I will indeed be a happy gamer. I hope Commander mode makes a triumphant return...artillery strikes FTW!
  • This gives me a raging hard-on.

  • I can't wait, but I hope they don't do that stupid online store thing with a code. I hated that.

  • I can just imagine how matches will play out with artillery strikes and plane bombing runs just leveling the buildings people are taking cover in. This game will never need any new map DLC, because each match will basically create a new map.

  • really excited for this, can't wait

  • Finally looks like it could dethrone the COD King.
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