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December 23, 2007

More from Eastern Baghdad, Iraq
3rd Cavalry 61 Regiment 2ID 2BCT
From Ft Carson  

Thank you to Patti Bader and SoldiersAngels.Org

The Main Sponsors for our Third Trip to Iraq

Thank you also to Alan Gray with

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Host: Bob Calvert

Filmed by: Jim Martin, CEO of Altitude Sports and Entertainment



(Chaplain) Captain Daniel Sparks


Captain Sparks has been in the Army Reserve for 6 years and active duty Army for 1 ˝ years. This is his first deployment.


Captain Sparks Pastored a Church at Montgomery and Birmingham, Alabama. He wanted to serve his country and also serve the Lord in Ministry. He said that the Army Chaplain Corp Motto is “God and Country”.


Capt. Sparks talks about Praying with the troops, counseling them, visiting the wounded, Chapel services, Bible study. He visits Soldiers in remote locations and a lot more.


He talks about the Adopt A Chaplain program and also talks about reaching out to Churches for support for our troops and the families back home.


(Chaplain) Captain Daniel Sparks

(Chaplain) Captain Daniel Sparks



Major Bruce Vitor

Executive Officer of 3/61 2BCT


Major Vitor has served in the army for 14 years. His family with his 2 sons is in Colorado Springs. He is originally from St Louis, Missouri.


Major Vitor is Executive Officer of 3rd Squadron 61st Cavalry Regiment 2BCT and also is Chief of Staff. He is Second in Command of his Squadron.


He works with Iraqi counterparts and he/they meet with neighborhood councils to improve services in his area of Eastern Baghdad. They work together on the Baghdad Security Plan.


Major Vitor gives a good overview of progress in his area of Eastern Baghdad.


Jim Martin shaking hands with Major Bruce Vitor

Jim Martin shaking hands with Major Bruce Vitor



SFC Jefferson Pridgeon


SFC Pridgeon was with the Marines for 4 years. He then went to the National Guard and is now active duty with the Army and based out of Ft Carson. His wife was in the Army while he was deployed the first time. They have a 1 year old child.


On his first tour he transitioned to a MITT Team. He said that in an 8 month period they put 756 Insurgents in jails with 230 of them going to Abu Ghraib Prison. SFC Pridgeon talks about the growth of the Iraqi Army. He said “they have really advanced”.


This year he has been a MITT Team NCOIC for 226IA Zone 15 which is a Sunni and Shiite area in Eastern Baghdad. He said it was a hard area to work in with Al Qaeda and the Militias. He talks about the challenges ahead and the progress they have made. He talks about what it was like in Ramadi when he was there and the progress made to “turn the city around”.


SFC Jefferson Pridgeon

SFC Jefferson Pridgeon





PFC Francisco Mirelos


PFC Gabriel Couch, SGT Bowman and PFC Francisco Mirelos Standing next to an Iraqi Interpreter SFC David Barlieb

PFC Gabriel Couch, SGT Bowman and PFC Francisco Mirelos

Standing next to an Iraqi Interpreter SFC David Barlieb


SGT Bowman  (See above picture)

From Portland, Oregon


PFC Gabriel Couch  (See above picture)

From Ann Arbor, Mich.


Major Sean Ryan

Major Ryan introduces some Iraqi Soldiers who are bodyguards for Iraqi Generals. They came to Baghdad from Al Rashid, Iraq.

Major Sean Ryan





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