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Nickelodeon   52 Episodes

In production 1993 to 1996
Joe Murray Productions
& Games Animation


Thank you to Nickelodeon for giving a home to such a warped project as "Rocko's Modern Life". I truly feel like it was an experiment to try and bring personal independent films to episodic television. In some ways it succeeded and in some ways failed. All I know it developed it’s own flavor and an equally original legion of fans.

Thanks to the crew who came along for the adventure, especially Nick Jennings, Steve Hillenburg, Robert Scull, Mark O'Hare, Doug Lawrence, Tim Bjorklund, Derek Dryman, Alan Smart, Howie Parkins, Conrad Vernon, Robert Hughes, KenKessel, Sean Bjorklund, Dan Povenmire, Swampy Marsh, Jeff Myers, George Maestri, Tim Hill, Martin Olson, Tim Barnes, Adrianna Galvez, Carol Wyatt, Chris Savino, Antoine Guibald, Richard Leroy. The wonderful music of composer Pat Irwin and the amazing voice talents of Carlos Alazraqui, Tom Kenny, Mr. Lawrence and Charlie Adler, with voice producing help from Suzanne Benton. The new animation landscape of the nineties was ripe for this kind of project.We took some chances that would be hard to do in these current times. But I know we took Dads crazy car out for a drive when he wasn't looking, and had a blast.

Thanks for watching it!

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