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The Self Proclaimed Baddest Man on the Planet, Steve "The Brawler" Lawler is back wrestling in Georgia!!!

Steve and Terry Lawler are back and better than ever. See them rip folks apart across Georgia !

Last Update: 6-1-2010:


Big Wrestling Show Coming up on June 5th

Granite Mountain Harley Davidson 6th Anniversary Party, June 5th in Conyers, GA!


Join us for our 6th Anniversary Party! Vendors, LIVE band, food, wrestling, & more!!

Legends of Wrestling from 2:30 - 4:30 p.m. featuring Abdullah the Butcher, the Original Assassin, Steve "the Brawler" Lawler, Terry "the Rocker" Lawler, Randy Rose of the Midnight Express,  "Wildfire" Tommy Rich, "Outlaw" Joel Deaton, Pretty Boy Floyd, Murder One & more!!

Advance tickets: $10/person; Day of Show: $15/person, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the Breast Cancer Network of Strength.

Call (770)979-7999 or email to reserve your tickets today!



In the many years, Steve Lawler has been wrestling. He has come into contact with numerous wrestling promoters and federations.   The Brawler would like to think that he has acted professional  in the ring and behaved professionally with other promoters in negotiations.

This brings me to the subject of Georgia Wrestling Promotions (GWP).  That will be the last time you see the word "Wrestling" in that phrase. In the twenty plus years "The Brawler" has been in the business,  He has never been treated so poorly by any federation as he was treated by GWP.  The promoter of this group should be embarrassed to call himself a promoter or to pretend he is in the wrestling business. It is enough to make Steve Lawler embarrassed to be in the wrestling business.

It is a shame that any guy can come out of the crowd and pass himself off  as a promoter without having any respect for the business. If you pass bounced checks or don't  take care of  the building prior to your next  show, you are a damned fool.  It is damned insulting to disrespect legends of the sport like Masked Superstar and Tommy Rich.  How can an asshole like this expect wrestlers to show up for his shows when he is pulling stunts like this ? How can wrestlers work for a person with no respect for good business practices and when you know he is screwing your brothers in the dressing room (You know he will screw you over next!!!) ?

This promoter  is a piece of shit. I am warning all my brothers in the business to  stay away from this group. I would strongly encourage someone in this group to step up and make things right with those who have been cheated.  

If you don't have the money or know how to promote, Buy a damn ticket!!!



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