Has your little one begun to talk, walk and interact more with you? Do you find that your sweet baby has been replaced by a pint-size button pusher? Parenting toddlers can be fun, but it can also be stressful. Toddler tantrums, attempts to test the limit and constant chatter can wear away at you.  If you find yourself on the brink of throwing your own tantrum when parenting toddlers, you may need a little help. 

The operative word when parenting toddlers is patience.  But how do you find patience while attempting to reason with a two year old? Here are five steps for parenting toddlers:

  1. The first step for parenting toddlers is to set down the rules. When you are looking into that cute little face, it can be easy to give in.  To avoid this, make a list of rules and post it on the wall. When parenting toddlers, it is easy to skirt the rules to avoid a tantrum, but if you have it in writing you can hold yourself accountable.
  2. Once you have established the rules, it is important to create a punishment for when those rules are broken. The best form of punishment when parenting toddlers is timeout. Create a time out location and begin with two to four minute timeouts.
  3. While your child is in timeout take a moment to yourself too. Go into another room, put your feet up and breathe.  Parenting toddlers can wear on anyone mentally and physically.
  4. Beyond rules and discipline, exercise is also an essential part of parenting toddlers. Plan regular park trips. Fresh air and playtime can improve your toddler’s mood, and help them get some energy out. And it gives you a chance to have fun with your child. After all, parenting toddlers is a fun part of life.
  5. Little ones have fewer tantrums when they have an established schedule.  The final tip for parenting toddlers is to create a routine. There will, of course, be days when you can’t find the time to follow a specific routine. If your child begins to get cranky on those days, make sure to take some down time to help them unwind.  And don’t forget to unwind too. Parenting toddlers can really zap your energy.