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Welcome to the RPG Registry! The RPG Registry is designed to help you find other players, whether it is RPG players, other strategy gamers such as online blackjack games players and more.

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NAME: Sultoinnas: The Torn Lands (TIMES CHANGED / review if you were interested)
GAME: Dungeons & Dragons: 3rd Edition (Beginner)
GM/DM: Frostheart13
DESC: ***************THE TIMES FOR THIS GAME HAVE CHANGED!!!****************
WORLD HISTORY/BACKGROUND: Just under 800 years ago the Demon Jel'kam had been released upon world, since then, the world as it was known came to an end. The world had been torn; powerful artifacts, unbelievable treasures, boundless alliances, and inmeasurable life had been lost. The only thing that is certain is that Jel'kam has been gone long enough to become only a rumor himself. Legends from every culture talk of his defeat at the Battle of Membleak by the Allegiance Of The Sun. While only 400 years since the Battle of Membleak, much more was lost since his arrival then was rebuilt since his defeat. Here your historic journey will begin.
CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT: Your choices for characters will be pretty much free. While I own most of the books wizards has to offer, I have become lazy as of late and have not kept up with them all. I will accept most things, but everything unordinary requires my consent. Something to remember here; your creation does not make your character, how you play it does. However, a few things I do consider a little "broke" and will be dealt with accordingly when necessary. Characters WILL BE MADE IN MY PRESENCE, this is not some power trip or my way of saying I don't trust you, but I need the development to be fair, so no characters are underdeveloped. And yes, if you were wondering, this is going to be a group of heroes, that in mind, higher than average, non-godly stats should be expected. Something else I am in big belief of, is a character really developes the best when a player follows his/her own persona (i.e. don't play a dumb orc if you are natually intuitive or a smooth-talking rogue if you find yourself a timid person). Starting level is 1, with ending level... well we'll see how this goes. Players will be chosen based on a few things, including their goals for classes, I believe there should be a decent balance of classes. More information and details available after contacting me.
GAME DETAILS: For anyone who was unaware, there was a current game running, it has come to an abrupt halt when my schedule at work changed and will be changing times, and likely starting over. I do not like doing this as things were going very well, I apologize to anyone this may cause problems for, but it was a necessary evil. The game will NOW be played in OpenRPG, Wednesday mornings around 11:00 AM Eastern Time, I follow a 3 Strike Rule, good pre-session excuses prevent strikes. Experience will be processed after each session, if I have sufficient time, it will be done immediately, otherwise it will be e-mailed to each player in a day or so. It will be based on victories, role-playing, and contributions (someone who doesn't shut up isn't necessarily a good role-player, but someone who only says one thing every 20 minutes isn't great either, try to find a good balance).
This is not first come first serve, I will be looking for beginners first, but should I not get a sufficient number of them, others will be welcome to fill the ranks. At this point, the new game does not have a definite start time. I am looking for only 3-4 players, this keeps each player very active in game and will require people will to participate. This game should be expected as a Mature Game and thus, players should be mature enough to handle vulgarities and sexual innuendos, while not blurting out obsentities in every sentence. If interested please contact me using e-mail Frostheart13@comcast.net or AIM: frostheart13. I just need to get some ideas of what you are looking for in the campaign. Lastly, we are here to make friends, lashing out at eachother will not be tolerated, this is a GAME, lets keep it fun :).

NAME: Hellania
GAME: Dungeons & Dragons: 3rd Edition (Novice)
GM/DM: Wayfinder
DESC: A Dungeons and Dragons fantasy world based upon Greek, Roman and Persian fantasy, and may branch out into Egyptian mythos as well. Currently searching for players.

GAME: 2 The Xtreme (Beginner)
GM/DM: Kim Kaphwan

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