JFK Ballistics

    Welcome to JFK Ballistics. A site dedicated to dispelling the many ballistic and firearms related myths surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy. At JFK Ballistics we post articles and information from both the conspiracy perspective, as well as that of the non-conspiracy perspective. We do this in hopes that readers will form their own conclusions, based on information from all sides of the debate.

    We invite readers to submit articles they may have written, and we ask very little. All we ask is that if the article is ballistics related that it be sound in ballistic fact. Other topics will be reviewed on an individual basis. There will be some articles that will be rejected, and to be frank, it is after all my site, and I refuse to publish the impossible and outlandish. If you are going to submit an article on how the limo driver killed JFK, prepare to be rejected. I do not mean at all to be harsh in saying that, it is simply I feel there are many researchers out there who make all researchers look ridiculous, I will not allow this site to become a forum for that kind of nonsense. Period. The articles posted here may not be the of the opinions I personally hold, but they will be solidly researched and among the lines of feasibility.


Welcome Bill Brown!!!!
JFK Ballistics is proud to announce that Bill Brown is joining the website as Managing Editor. I would like to extend my thanks to Bill for volunteering his time and efforts to the site! Welcome Bill!