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Making your community, and the county, safer as a County Council member for more than eight years, I know the impact that crime has and have a vision of Community Based Prosecution to combat crime in our County. I have seen it personally, and I have worked with our community leaders, homeowners and police to make our communities safer. I have dedicated my career as an advocate for community interests, and I have had a successful tenure. Now, I am running for the Office of State's Attorney so that I may continue my work to make Prince George's County the best place live, work and play in the Washington Region.

While we have made great strides in reducing crime in Prince George's County, there is still much to be done. And, the perception that Prince George's County is not as safe as surrounding jurisdictions is holding us back from bringing the type of positive economic development that we need to move the County forward. We need to bring technology jobs, green jobs and quality retail stores to the County, and we cannot afford to have crime and the perception of crime holding us back. We also cannot have our best and brightest residents feel that they have to move out of their community because they are concerned about their family’s safety. The vitality of our communities is being undermined by career criminals that repeatedly commit crimes against our homes, cars and property. These crimes that come right into our neighborhoods spread fear among our residents and push people to look for safer places to raise their families. We have to stop allowing these criminals to prey on our neighborhoods and frighten our residents. Residents need to have confidence that they live in the safest communities in Maryland.

I have dedicated my career as an advocate for community interests, and I have had many successes. Now, I am running for the Office of State's Attorney, and would like your support to continue making Prince George's County the best that it can be.

If we want Prince George's County to be THE PLACE that people want to move to, THE PLACE for businesses to locate, we need to focus our attention on the crime problems that confront us.

I will bring my independence, my effectiveness and my responsiveness to community concerns to the Office of State's Attorney, and I will fight for fairness and justice for ALL residents of this County - just like I have done as the Chairman of the County Council and as a community activist.

Tom Dernoga, Chair

Prince George's County Council


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Tom announces his run for State's Attorney on WTOP's Politics Program,
Dec. 18, 2009

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