Emergency Air Transportation System  Disaster Relief


HSEATS is the United States civil aviation response to disasters. It is a jointly coordinated program that utilizes aircraft owned and flown by volunteer pilots, corporate business jets, air ambulance services through Air Compassion America and donated airline tickets through Mercy Medical Airlift.



Volunteer Pilot's Reunite Hurricane Victim with Sister in Minnesota

For a week, Debbie J. lived with the terrible fear her brother Bob was dead. Hurricane Katrina had slammed into his Gulfport, Miss., home, and Debbie had watched the scenes of devastation on TV and the Internet.

“He lived 1,000 feet from the beach,” the Minnesota resident and mother of five said. “I saw photos of Gulfport, and the houses were gone. I kept checking the lists but his name never showed up.”

Then Debbie received a call from Louisiana saying...read more


Teenaged Girl Braves Floodwaters To Get Help

Fifteen-year-old Ashleigh B., was trapped in her New Orleans home with her mother, grandmother, and aunt, when the floodwaters from Katrina began rising. The women made their way to the attic, a challenging task since the girl’s grandmother was very ill and on a feeding tube, and her aunt was recovering from a stroke and required special care.

Ashleigh and her uncle who had come from his house nearby climbed out onto the roof and flagged down a helicopter. EMT workers evacuated the mother and grandmother, and said they’d be back. Time passed but they never returned. Ashleigh knew she had to do something. She jumped...click for more



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