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  • The William Marshal Time Line
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  • Knight-Errant Years
  • The Marshal Years
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    William Marshal the Graphic Novel, written by Julia Dewey Dye and drawn by Gerry Kissell. Some may know that I make my living as a comic artist, working on such recent titles as The A-Team and Army of Two, by EA Games. To view my work, go to GerryKissell.com.

    This Website was created by Gerry Kissell, a true believer that chivalry isn't dead. Gerry spent nearly thirty years researching William Marshal's life; a journey that began when he was 13, when he first visited William's tomb in London. From that day forward, his life would never be the same. And when you read on, you too may be changed. As you read about a simple boy, thrown into extraordinary circumstances that went from being a nobody to becoming the great knight, a king's general, a kingdon's Marshal and then Regent to the entire British empire.
    When he would die, a kingdom would mourn him, an enemy king would weep for him but then, eventually, a world would slowly forget a man called by friend and foe, not only the greatest knight that ever lived, but also the flower of chivalry.
    Read on, and learn more about the only man to unhorse Richard the Lion Heart.

    This Website is dedicated to the memory of Georges Duby, without whom, due to his extensive writing on chivalry, knights and William Marshal, this site would never have come about.
    God's speed to a good and noble man.
    Ce Site est dédié à la mémoire de Georges Duby écrivain prolifique sur l'époque de la chevalerie ainsi qu'à William Marshall, sans qui ce site n' aurait jamais existé.
    Homme de vitesse de Dieu bon et noble.
    Georges Duby 1919 — 1996
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