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Hello and welcome to my homepage! This is not the homepage of a UNIX wizard or programming guru, I am simply a novice. Right now, I'm working on a few simple projects and also trying to consume has much knowledge as possible. Soon I hope to get a text role playing game up on the site. All of my software is free software(free as in freedom and price) and most of it will be released under the public domain. I also have the Deadfish joke programming language here, which to my amazement has been a mild success. I only have the two official interpreters(official as in programmed by myself), the original was done in C and the second one was done in Python.

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Most of my projects will be software-based, this software will be aimed at a UNIX platform. That is, either Gnu/Linux or FreeBSD. However, they should compile/interpret on pretty much every platform.

The Deadfish Joke Programming Language

A Simple Calculator I Programmed in C


Tic-Tac-Toe -- GUI Version

DarkBASIC Programming Wikibook

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