Military Service

Stop The War - Peace Through Strength
George Washington was right
Don't get involved in other people's politics or wars

If Mad Max is not elected President of these United States and our Republic in 2008, the next four years will see Congress continue to tax our hard earned Social Security, pass legislation raising taxes, fail to protect our borders, give amnesty to over 25 million illegal aliens, ban and confiscate all guns and ammo, and continue the Wars, along with starting yet another war with Iran.
Now what part of that don't you like or understand?

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"In a time of universal Deceit,
telling the Truth is a Revolutionary Act"

George Orwell

Truth is a Precious Commodity

Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty

For those who have fought for it,
Freedom has a flavor the protected will never know

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Mad Max Riekse for President in 2012: P.O. Box 82, Fruitport, Michigan, 49415

MM = Mad Max; Order you MM bumper sticker and MM book when they come out. Get the MM word out; rase money locally and fund your own highway billboards, yard signs, radio and TV ads, etc. You can do it; not just for Mad Max for President, but for our country; and know this, you will not agree with MM 100%, but what you see and read is the real thing. The Dem's and Pub's running for President are two-faced; in your heart, you know & believe this.
It is time for a change.