WordPress full installation

This post updated 17 Feb 2009

A pretty straightforward way to get your own Wordpress installation up and going is to r Rent a domain name from a hosting service that provides cPanel access. Download WordPress and upload and extract via the cPanel File Manager. cPanel also allows you to rename/move and edit files. the installation instructions are real easy ad you will be working on your blog within minutes. This section tracks some things I had to figure out.

Date Issue
Feb 09 Q I have existing html pages, how can I show them on Wordpress?

    A You can add a new page, edit your existing file and copy everything between the body tags and paste them into the new page window.
    Feb 09 Q My pasted html code has not rendered properly.

      A If your page used some css you can add the css to the theme css file found at wp-content/themes//style.css.
      Feb 09 Q I want to edit the footer to add an email address or something.

        A Open up wp-content/themes//footer.php and add any html code in here.
        Feb 09 Q I want to get rid of the home tab.

          AOpen wp-content/themes//header.php

          Find the following...


          <li class="page_item"><a href="<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>">Home</a></li>

          <?php wp_list_pages('depth=1&title;_li='); ?>


          Remove the first line in the <ul> tag, <li class="page_item"...
          Feb 09 Q How do I reorder tabs?

            A When you edit a page look to the right sidebar and you will see and order box.
            Feb 17 Q I want to include/reuse/reshow a page.


              • Create a new template file by following Creating Your Own Page Templates, save it to the template directory your are using wp-content/themes/<themeName>.

              • Copy your file to wp-content/themes/<myFileName>.php, it can include any html but no outer tags, like body, etc

              • In the div "pagepost" section add the include:
                <?php include(TEMPLATEPATH . '/<myFileName>.php'); ?>

              • As the above link mentions, once you have created the Page Template and placed it in your Theme's directory, it will be available as a choice when you create or edit a Page. If you make change's to the template the page needs to be republished.

              Desired Thunderbird functionality

              This post updated 25 February 2010

              These are functionality I would like to have and have not found in any version to date or extension.

              Date Issue
              Feb 10 Write email in a new tab, currently a new window opens.
              Nov 09 Clone a message filter.
              Oct 09 Save an email to html/pdf without the header information.
              Oct 09 The ability to easily sync tab session between 2 computers. Can be done via the Session Manager extension, but not seamless.
              Sep 09 Search Messages to find any tagged messages not having to specify a particular tag.
              Aug 09 Be able to preview messages in the search window, there was an old extension which did this, PreviewInSearch.
              Jun 09 The Skype extension for Firefox is great, any number on the web is one call away via Skype. I would like a similar "Skype extension for Thunderbird", so when I open my address book, right clicking a contact will allow me to select form a list of their numbers and call.
              Dec 08 When you reply to an email, have the signature of the sender automatically not included in the quotes.
              Mar 08 Given a selected folder draw a timeline graph of the email quantity frequency.
              Sep 07 Given a saved search folder which lists tagged messages. I would like to be able to right click a message and choose open the folder the message is in - in the current instance of TB rather the current open in folder button which opens a new copy of TB with the chosen folder active.
              May 07 When one adds a new folder I would like to have a way of adding these new folders automatically so any saved searches includes them.
              Feb 07 Recently I sent some one off emails to a large number of people, since it was one off I did not create a list...all the addresses were bcc. Later I wanted to check if I had sent it to certain people...I had to open up the email and search the bccs list by hand...tedious and non exact. It would be cool if there was a way to search to to/cc/bcc lists in a particular email or bunch of emails.
              I know one can do a search for certain emails on/after a certain day with a given subject and search in to/cc but you can not search the bcc and this method is not super user friendly. It would be cool to be able to select the emails in question and right click and have a search destinations option...
              Feb 07 I often end up going into my sent box and labelling emails sent that I need to follow up on. It would be great to be able to pick a label for an email while composing a message before closing/sending the email.
              Jun 06 I have a saved search folder which shows all the messages where label isn't none. When I remove the labels of messages in there the search folder does not refresh. I have to go to another folder and then back to the search folder. This is a known bug.
              Jan 06 With OE I was able to save the attached message to a OE folder. It would be nice for Thunderbird.
              May 05 It would be great when you are creating a message search you could do search for a whole word only.
              May 05 Some of my email message dates were changed in the import process from oe and occasionally I get emails with bad dates. For example one is : 06/02/2101 12:28. This is very annoying when you display in arrival order which I generally do. It would be nice to be able to change the date attributes of an email message.
              Apr 05 Change case of folder name: create a subfolder named myfolder, then try and rename it to MyFolder. It says a folder with that name already exists.

              Desired Firefox functionality

              This post updated 27 Sep 2008

              These are features I would like to have and have not found in any version or extension to date.


              Date Issue
              Sep 08 When I open a source code file (java or otherwise) in my code repository online (like cvsdude) I would like the code to be syntax coloured.
              Jun 06 In the bookmarks manager it would be nice to have it not open up with the last branch of your bookmark tree used open. So every time it opens up all the branch nodes are collapsed.


              Date Raised Date Resolved Issue
              Apr 05 Mar 08 It would be really cool if one could have multiple sidebars open at once, when I try it one replaces the other. Eg, I would like to have bookmarks on the top half and my Scrapbook on the bottom, in other words the ability to tile sidebars.

              The All-in-One sidebar came to the rescue, absolutely excellent, couldn't ask for more.

              Tracking my progress as I use blogger.com

              This post updated 19 Feb 2010

              Date Issue
              19 Feb 10 Q Wordpress has that nice option to subscribe with your email address, can I do that with Blogger?

                A It can be done using feedburner, all instructions at tipsbloggers.com.
                07 Jan 10 Q Someone added a spam comment to my blog, how can I delete it?

                  A To delete any comment in your blog, you have to construct an url of the form: http://www.blogger.com/delete-comment.g?blogID=#blogpostid&postID;=#commentid. Read instructions for forming the url on bloggerstop.net.
                  26 Jan 09 Q How can I add a centred caption under an image ?

                    A Edit the post and find the html inserted when you uploaded the image, before the </a> at the end place:

                      <div style="text-align:center;"><<Your caption>></div>

                        Replacing <<Your caption>>
                        22 Jan 09 Q I want to replace the Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) with a feedburner url, e.g.

                          A Expand widget templates and find this line

                          • <b:include name='feedLinks'/>

                          replace it with the url of your feedburner
                          19 Dec 08 Q My blog has multiple authors, I would like a contributor list, so when a particular author is clicked on, a page opens with their posts.


                            1. Add the name of the author as a Label to their posts

                            2. In Layout add the links of the Labels in a Link List gadget: http://MYBLOG.blogspot.com/search/ label/AUTHOR_NAME. Replace the CAPS. Clicking that link will bring up all posts by that author.

                            3. You can drag and drop the Link List gadget from the posts column to the sidebar.

                            4. If you have a tag list it will now show authors, the alternative is to add a separate tag list like the authors. Note that this will not dynamically update with new tags.

                            10 Dec 08 Q I would like to change the order my posts appear in?

                              A Edit the post and you will see a Post options link, where the date can be edited. Posts are shown in date order.
                              11 Sep 07 Q My blog has multiple authors, how can they all get email notification when the blog is added to?

                                AOne used to have to setup say a a google group for all your email addresses. However, in the BlogSend field in the setting email tab, one can now enter a comma delimited list of email addresses.
                                19 Sep 07 Q How can one edit a comment?

                                  A Since May 2007 this is no longer possible
                                  19 Sep 07 Q When I create html tables they are surrounded by lots of white space.

                                    A From blogger-tricks wrap the <table> in:

                                    <style type="text/css">.nobrtable br { display: none }</style>
                                    <div class="nobrtable">[your-table]
                                    19 Sep 07 Q How can I force a new line in a html table cell?

                                      A <br/> does not work, it worked for me with the fudge <ul></ul>
                                      19 Sep 07 Q My html code uses css, can I use this in blogger?

                                        A Edit your template and add your css commands, I put mine towards the bottom.
                                        20 Sep 07 Q When I edit a post, I select the post options to edit the date and the date always shows in mm/dd/yy format. Is there any way to change this?
                                        20 Sep 07 Q Can I embed a slideshow from flickr?

                                          A A slideshow can only be embeded in a post and not a comment. An easy bit of code will do this, see lifehacker.
                                          20 Sep 07 Q When I embed a flickr slideshow the blog margin is too small, can I increase it?

                                            A Edit the template, change the #main-wrap1 width and correspondingly the #outer-wrapper width, see betabloggerfordummies.
                                            08 May 08 Q I update my posts sometimes, I want to get rid of the post data and time?

                                              A Check out the Trick and Tips Tutorial Blogger How to Hide Your Post Date, Time and/or Author.


                                              Date Raised Date Resolved Issue
                                              11 Sep 07 26 Jan 09 Q How can I get comments to show open under the post?

                                                A You can add a recent comments widget (uses javascript). This has some configurable parameters but I would still like to be able to:

                                                • show the relevant comments under each post rather than at the bottom of the blog

                                                • show the last comment last rather than first

                                                • show the comment time

                                                • show the comment box rather than click for a popup

                                                In Settings | Comments there is now an option to select "Embedded below post"

                                                Winmerge & StarTeam

                                                I’ve found WinMerge to be a lot better comparison tool than StarTeam’s inbuilt, it case easily be integrated to StarTeam as well.

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