Designing New Automobiles // Forward Future Thinking
JTDNA Design group offers clients full-service automotive and product design services with a full range of creative capabilities. We are a creative consultancy specializing in vehicle, product and alternative mobility design. Through an interdisciplinary network of partners, a full range of design services are available. Our capabilities include research, analysis, branding and concept development, in addition to full design development and pre-production prototyping.
 Led by Jeff Teague and Mark Jordan, the JTDNA core team brings together over 60 years experience in domestic and international automotive design. While our team is experienced working in Europe, Asia, Los Angeles and Detroit, the JTDNA design group provides a multicultural viewpoint and unique foundation of expertise in creative thinking. Our teams experience has helped create past vehicles such as the Mitsubishi Eclipse, Mazda Miata MX-5, and the Volkswagen Passat of which became best sellers in their segmants. 
JTDNA is a progressive company that has only one clear objective. "Future forward thinking". Our mission objective is to conceptualize and produce profound and ‘game changing’ mobility concepts.
There’s a myriad of Designers and Design services available out there in the marketplace, but few have the  experience to produce concepts that make an enduring impact. JTDNA can do this. We are first and foremost a company that advocates and promotes process driven results through comprehensive design creativity and management. JTDNA’s mission is to create and produce vehicle, product and alternative mobility concepts that make a difference in today’s complex and dynamic marketplace. JTDNA also places emphasis on factors such as sustainablity, recyclability and conservation in today's eco–driven environment.
JTDNA is also a novel design company that aligns itself with shattering stereotypes in Design. We are equipped to handle the total design process with emphasis on customer needs, conceptual uniqueness and brand strength. Our services are designed to bring our clients success and greatly help to conceptualize, design and market competitive products in new and emerging markets.