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Who are we?
   PHD Bureau is a group of people, some of who have been playing Star Fleet Battles since its first publication as a "Pocket" game in 1979. The group ranges in size from 6 to 12 members and meets every Friday evening.

   The SSDs presented on these pages are purely UNOFFICIAL designs intended solely for the player's enjoyment. The SSDs were produced using Paint Shop Pro (4.12), (5.00), (6.00), and (7.00) on IBM or IBM clones. A shareware version of Paint Shop Pro is available on the Web.

   Players are invited to use the SSDs as templates for ships of your own design.

   If you would like to offer feedback on the ship designs found on this page, e-mail
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Amarillo Design Bureau (ADB) is NOT related in anyway with these Web pages; it is an undertaking and opinions of a group of private citizens (which makes them unofficial), and is not construed to be an official position of ADB. Ideas and information from the games are presented under ADB's web policy.

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