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INF-based installer!


An  INF Based Installer now available ! No more file lists - this is a true installer, just like the standard Win98 setup.exe, but providing an installation of roughly 18 Meg, including networking capability. The whole setup takes about 10 minutes (!) once the setup directory has been formed.
Download the installer.

CLSID registry entries available


Long promised clsid registry file to enable writing to CD etc. may be found . This is a shotgun fix, but should enable many functions
Download clsid Patch



I will work on two additional "flavors" of the installation, one smaller, heading toward the original 7 Meg Mindows, the other larger, with the full 98 shell. It'll be awhile however.

In the meantime, what good is all of this? Once you have setup a small installation of Mindows, it is an easy matter to create a boot CD which is capable of reading/writing to NTFS volumes, which can contain an anti-virus program (Fprot?), partition manager (Paragon?), etc. The advantages of this should be obvious. Moreover, the boot time is a matter of seconds, compared to the sluggish, albeit useful, Bart's boot CDs. Plus, it is fun to reduce Win98 to minimal and snappy OS. And one with which most of us are familiar, unlike some of the Linux based CDs.



Correction made in setup files to include notepad.exe it was missing. Also, only the root of the win98 directory need be copied from the Windows CD.

Later I will provide instructions for making a boot CD that allows Mindows to be run from a ramdisk.