A message from Dan Knauf * A message from Clancy Brown

A message from Dan Knauf

May 21,2005

--- In CarnivaleHBO@yahoogroups.com, "Denial" <Alex.Williamson@N...>
> First and foremost, let me apologize to what may be a long, and most
> likely uneloquent post.


I understand.  But, as I've stated before, Carnivale was never just about story.  It was in the telling.  Tone, pace, visuals, beauty and horror living side-by-side.  A big part of what we tried to do was evoke  a state of mind, to evoke symbology the resonates at a very primitive level.

If you think that a synopsis will give you "closure" (THE most false, vomitous piece of newspeak ever to erupt like a boil on the English language, by the way), then you are either sadly mistaken, or I have totally failed as a storyteller.

I know we live in an era of instant gratification, but I know how my story needs to be told.  And that's the way it will be told.  It may be a year from now.  It may be five.  But I'm confident it will happen as long as the fan-base grows, the audience grows, and the telling becomes viable as a profitable endeavor.

That's why what you do right now is so important.  It's vital to keep building, or the story will die.  Lots of you have seized the day and are doing some incredible things--CarnyCons, SaveCarnivale, t-shirts and other things to keep our profile high.  Hundreds of you are weighing in on polls, writing to media outlets, and sharing your tapes and DVDs.  I've been taking heart in these and other activities.  I knew you guys wouldn't let Carnivale down.

However, I've noticed a lot of negative crap on other boards directed toward Beth, Julie and Diane on other boards.  I hope they don't get too discouraged, because they are vital to our cause. 

There will always be a few RL CoDs out there with dubious agendas who seem hell-bent on creating controversy and dividing up the fans into nasty little camps.  Generally, these are small people who, steeped in a foul stew of chronic cowardice and underachievement, seem to believe
that tearing down is synonymous with building up.

So to Beth, Julie and Diane, I'll tell you what my dad told me once: You can always tell a trailblazer by the number of arrows in his back. This phase will pass as those folks find new whipping-boys.  In the meantime, stay the course and keep up the good work.

In the meantime, let's all post a nice shout about these wonderful CoLs.  I think they could use some encouragement from you guys to offset some of those nasty drivel they've been subjected to lately.



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