DIY - Do It Yourself streetview
Easy to operate. Great streetviews.
DIY streetview panoramic rig.

Why DIY streetview? - DIY streetview is the only
true turnkey solution to your panoramic streetview needs.
Recording is a single button operation: ON/OFF only.
For image processing we provide training as well as consulting and image processing as a service to make your project a success right the first time.

Have a look at the original footage.

Video and still images

The DIY streetview rig sports five cameras, resulting in panoramas of 6000 x 3000 pixel, covering 360 x 166 degrees.

Panoramic videos are 3650 x 1400 pixel at the same coverage.

Easy to operate

The DIY streetview rig is extremely easy to operate. Just switch it on by pressing a single button to start taking images.

Image quality

Check out the image and video examples.

Need streetview images only?

A map too? We are available for hire for recording, processing, and publishing. Worldwide.