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SPOOFEM.COM was created by Gregory D. Evans, who is ranked as one of the world's number one computer security experts. SPOOFEM is a forward thinking company that works to anticipate and develop services and products that our customers need.

SPOOFEM.COMs Mission is to be a Forward-thinking company that will provide customers with products and service (home & small business video surveillance systems, computer surveillance and spy equipment) and anticipate the ever changing technical environment. Continually provide cutting edge products and technological assistance.

Our flagship product is the caller ID spoofing service which allows users to call any number and have any 10 digit telephone number show up in the caller ID. It also includes features like voice disguising, call recording, and text messaging from a different number. Since 2007, over 2 million calls have been made using our service. Although it's most frequently used for caller ID spoofing, FBI and law enforcement officials across the nation utilize SPOOFEM.COM services to aid in the search for fugitives and criminals. read more...