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Books about The Smiths & Morrissey

The Smiths - Songs That Saved Your Life
by Simon Goddard
Based upon new interviews with band members, producers and acquaintances, this book investigates the stories behind the songs, from their very first demos in 1982 to their final fractured studio session five years later. The book also lifts the lid on previously unreleased material never before mentioned in print.

In the research for this book, author Simon Goddard was granted unprecedented access to The Smiths' studio archives and the private collection of outtakes and rehearsals retained by drummer Mike Joyce (who also provides a complimentary foreword). The result is the most comprehensive examination of their esteemed discography ever assembled, revealing lost songs and alternate versions which have remained closely guarded secrets until now. Informative, impassioned and revelatory, as an analysis of "The Most Influential Band of All Time", The Smiths - Songs That Saved Your Life is indispensable.
240 pages, 232x152mm, 40 illustrations. Released December 2002.
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Meetings With Morrissey
by Len Brown
(Book home page)
This book gets behind the public image to tell Morrissey's story in the man's own words and explore in detail the extraordinary lyrical content of his songs. A former NME writer, Len Brown has interviewed Morrissey more times than any other journalist. He was the first writer to talk to Morrissey about the death of The Smiths and the birth of the singer's solo career. The book will celebrate the many artists Morrissey has elevated to iconic status - via the lyrics or Smiths covers including Cilla Black, Dusty Springfield, Billy Fury, Marc Bolan and The New York Dolls. It will offer in-depth insight into Morrissey's lifelong commitment to promoting the genius of Oscar Wilde.
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To contact Len Brown about Meetings with Morrissey, please email:

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Morrissey's Manchester
by Phill Gatenby
Morrissey's Manchester - the Essential Smiths Tour. A publication devoted exclusively to the city that shaped the life and lyrics of The Smiths, has been produced so that fans of the group can visit many of the sights remaining, including Salford Lads Club, concert venues and Morrissey's old house in Kings Road, Stretford. Included here are two comprehensive tours of the Manchester area. One which can be taken on foot in the city centre and the other stretching across the suburbs that affected the band's history.
Paperback - 115 pages (June 2002).
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The Smiths and Beyond
by Kevin Cummins
A new photographic book of The Smiths, Morrissey and Marr , by the biggest photographer to come from Manchester. Published by Vision On Publishing, March 2002 (April in the US).
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by Pat Reid
Absolute Press: "One of pop music's most enigmatic and compelling figures. Morrissey's only claim about his sexuality is that he is celibate. But he is both reviled and revered by various sections of the gay community. Pat Reid delves into the hushed territory of it all."
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Bigmouth: Morrissey 1983 - 1993
by Pat Reid with an introduction by John Peel
A short guide to Morrissey. About his thoughts of life, death, sex, money... A tiny book.

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All Men Have Secrets
by Tom Gallagher (Editor)
To their fans the Smiths were much more than just another English rock band. The Smiths supplied the soundtrack to their lives. This book is full of stories about Smiths songs and the people to whom they meant so much. These stories are often moving, poignant, funny or sad, and will have you eagerly searching out Smiths albums.

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Morrissey: Landscapes of the Mind; A Biography
by David Bret
This first full-length biography of Morrissey provides a well-rounded portrait of an indisputed hero and poet of the human condition. Focusing on Morrissey's life since he left The Smiths, the book includes in-depth interviews with Morrissey's friends and members of his entourage. Photos.

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Morrissey & Marr : The Severed Alliance
by Johnny Rogan
One of the most controversial rock biographies ever written.
Researched through close to 100 in-depth interviews over four years, Rogan provides an insightful and richly detailed analysis of two of the most important and highly regarded figures in popular music.
The latest edition of the book includes an invaluable Discography complete with concert tape listings and known bootleg recordings.

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Morrissey : In His Own Words
by Morrissey, John Robertson
"I lie a lot - it can be really useful" and lots of other Morrissey quotes.

Peepholism : Into the Art of Morrissey
by Jo Slee
It looks at how Morrissey picked photos for the record sleeves from 'Hand In Glove' to 'Vauxhall and I', plus concert backdrops,etc.

Morrissey Shot
by Linder Sterling (Photographer)
A black-and-white photo biography from Morrissey's tours of the US, Europe and Japan in 1991 and 1992.

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The Complete Guide to the Music of The Smiths & Morrissey/Marr
by Johnny Rogan
The size of a CD case. A detailed track by track analysis of every album released by the Smiths and Morrissey up to 'World of Morrissey'.

The Smiths: : The Complete Story
by Mick Middles
Here is a short part of the editorial: 'The Complete Story is both a detailed biography and a critical comment on The Smiths which follows their controversial career from early days at Manchester's Electric Circus , where Steven Morrissey first drew attention to himself, to the rancorous rift between Morrissey and guitarist Johnny Marr which split the band amid confusion and lost ideals.'

The Smiths : The Visual Documentary
by Johnny Rogan
Illustrated chronology of the Smiths career, incl. Morrissey Family Tree. Everything from the birth of Peter Morrissey, Steven's grandfather 'til the break-up of the Smiths.
Complete Smiths UK Discography. Previously unpublished photographs.

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