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The faculty of the University of Oregon share a commitment to academic excellence with peers in the Association of American Universities, yet the UO remains a unique institution.  UO faculty are independent thinkers who value excellence in life as well as work, and a human scale that allows interdisciplinarity based in personal relationships and a global perspective informed by local values.  Through the sharing of knowledge and wisdom with students and colleagues, UO faculty use their talents to evolve these values as part of the fabric of what makes the University of Oregon mighty - its faculty.

The University's Charter states that 'the president and professors constitute the faculty of the University, and, as such, shall have the immediate government and discipline of it and the students therein.  The faculty shall also have power to prescribe the course of study to be pursued in the University, and the text books to be used'.  Tenure-related faculty define and direct the instructional and research programs at the University of Oregon.  That defining role is instrumental in establishing and sustaining the levels of excellence achieved here.

UO faculty are outstanding in terms of scholarly distinction and success in the classroom.  Knowing that UO faculty are the future of the institution, the president, provost, vice-presidents, vice-provosts, deans, and department heads work together to provide faculty members the greatest chance for success with undergraduate teaching, graduate teaching, research, and service to the state, nation and world.  

This site is intended for both current and prospective faculty.  It is here that you will find information and resources related to faculty appointments, support, and development, as well as other academic and faculty related matters.     

  • Personnel issues such as appointments, faculty status, evaluations, promotion, tenure, leaves, retirement, and grievances are all addressed here. 
  • Resources for your development as a faculty member and support services offered; resources for assisting faculty in assisting students; workshops; new faculty resources; and research, teaching, and international opportunities are outlined for you.
  • Take a look at some of the faculty achievements across campus. See how opportunities were embraced and excellence achieved. Discover how outstanding UO faculty is.
  • Faculty governance and policies can also be found here.