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NewsReal Blog – The Cover Page
The Cover Page features all of NRB’s posts from every category.

NewsReal Blog – David’s Blog
David’s Blog includes every NRB post by David Horowitz as well as the quote of the day drawn from his writings, interviews, and speeches.

NewsReal Blog – Features
The featured posts are NRB’s standard articles and highest priority content.

NewsReal Blog – Twog
Twog is the spawn of the Tweet and the Blog. Twog posts are short posts about current, breaking media. Look to Twog for live-blogging of TV shows and important speeches.

NewsReal Blog – In The Trenches
In the Trenches is NRB’s sub-blog devoted to discussion, debate, and confrontation. NRB bloggers will defend their ideas from their colleagues, answer commenters, and respond to their critics from other publications.

NewsReal Blog – In the Family Way

NewsReal Blog – The Feminist Hawks’ Nest
The Feminist Hawks’ Nest features the posts of some of NRB’s most exciting female commentators. It also features additional posts on subjects relating to women. It’s NRB’s effort to reclaim “Feminist” from the Marxists who have hijacked it — just as Discover The Networks seeks to reclaim “liberal.”

NewsReal Blog – The Concession Stand
The Concession Stand is where you go for a break at NRB. It features apolitical content — entertaining videos, poetry, discussions of subjects that have nothing to do with politics, and humorous images.

NewsReal Blog – Headlines
Let NRB pick what stories are worth reading throughout the media and the blogosphere. The Headlines collects all the articles and blog posts highlighted in NRB’s headline board.


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