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Michigan State University

A matter of perspective.

Into the Amazon

MSU researchers make the Amazon their lab.

Veterinary Emergency Care

Students and faculty work together in learning and caring.

The Show

Go behind the scenes at the nation's longest running college sitcom.

Rare Isotopes Rock

A posse of MSU physicists raps about accelerator physics.

Overcoming Challenge

With a little help, MSU students with disabilities find success.

The Landmine Game

Students and visiting professor help kids spot real landmines.



Ballet Hispanico
Wharton Center
at 7:30 p.m.

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TheCPLife MSU Spartans and Ancient Greece via youtube

eShekell Want to know how many students are in your major at MSU? ... Cool! via twitter

LordKakumei MSU Accafellas - ICCA Rehearsal set via youtube

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