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today's leftovers:

  • Green Linux
  • Low-spec computer: Alt Linux vs Windows 7 Ultimate
  • Indicator-weather update puts temperature on panel
  • Novell Moonlight upgrade tracks Silverlight improvements
  • The four capital mistakes of open source
  • Minus Lets You Drag-N-Drop Photos Into Taskbar for Instant Upload
  • Banshee to ship with Ubuntu Music Store in Ubuntu 11.04
  • Banshee Amazon Store disabled in Ubuntu 11.04 by Canonical
  • AMD Catalyst 11.2 Linux Driver Released
  • Vim Tip: Vigor
  • New Videoporama Better than Ever
  • 100% Free with Trisquel
  • LiMo Foundation Unveils LiMo 4
  • Free as in Freedom: Episode 0x09: Copyleft
  • Linux Basement - Episode 67 - Squeeze for Package Freshness

some howtos:

  • How to Add Hair to a Character in Blender
  • Run Tribler from SVN in Ubuntu
  • Gentoo and DHCPv6
  • Sudo Over Ssh Magic
  • Increase port range available for applications
  • Starting with awk Scripts
  • Customize Unity-2D Launcher
  • Install KDE 4.6 Desktop On Fedora 14 Laughlin
  • Testing Linux Mail Servers with OpenSSL
  • Get MacBook-Style Finger Gestures on Ubuntu
  • UI Application to take System Backup and Snapshot - TimeVault
  • How to make a Python-Postgresql backup script in 3 easy steps
  • 3 Screensavers
  • Getting more out of Vim - some tips

Fedora, openSUSE Give up on Unity

ostatic.com/blog: Some bad news came across the wire today. In a bit of a coincidence, the contributors from both openSUSE and Fedora who were working on Unity announced on the same day they were giving it up.

Windows users: it's your problem now

  • Microsoft continues push for infected computers to be quarantined
  • Windows users: it's your problem now

Why I Use Gentoo: Conclusion

blog.calindora.com: Of all the myriad Linux distributions out there, I’ve chosen Gentoo as the one to use on my primary desktop computer. Throughout this series, I’ve talked some of the reasons that I enjoy using Gentoo. As an incredibly brief summary, Gentoo fits my needs as a developer-oriented distribution with rolling upgrades.

Debian volatile replaced by new updates suite

debian.org/News: The Debian Volatile archive is discontinued starting from the upcoming Debian release 6.0 (Squeeze). It is replaced by the suite squeeze-updates on the official mirrors.

Banshee Supporting GNOME on Ubuntu

gburt.blogspot: The Banshee maintainers and community have been proud to support GNOME by sending 100% of our FOSS Amazon MP3 store's affiliate revenue to the Foundation. We're already on pace to contribute at the same level as a small company on the Advisory Board, $10,000 USD per year, and revenue is increasing every month.

More Ubuntu Studio Fun Facts

dullass.blogspot: Continuing previous discussion about Ubuntu Studio improvements for Natty and beginning a new section of discussion. But first, more Ubuntu Studio Fun Facts!

Man seeks used laptops to refurbish, give to students

thechadronnews.com: A co-worker’s purchase of a new laptop computer was inspiration for the idea that Mark Cloyd of Chadron is putting into action as a means to help more Chadron students take advantage of the opportunities that technology provides.

Evernote for Linux: Nevernote

webupd8.org: Nevernote is an open source clone of Evernote that works on Linux. While Evernote now runs on Linux through Wine, the application is quite slow so you may want to try Nevernote.

10 ways to e-publish with Linux

techrepublic.com: If you’re looking for a low-cost way to create, publish, and market an e-book, be sure to check out these Linux tools.

Executive Spotlight: Paul Smith of Red Hat

blog.executivebiz.com: As general manager for Red Hat‘s Public Sector, Paul Smith oversees all aspects of sales, business development, marketing, consulting and the channel partners focused on federal, state and local agencies and educational institutions.

Nine traits of the veteran Unix admin

infoworld.com: Last week I briefly departed from reality, thanks to the inexplicable actions of the CRTC, but this week, I'm off the drugs and back on terra firma -- sort of. Anyway, to celebrate my return to the land of the sane, I thought I'd tick off a few hallmarks of veteran Unix admins, so you have a better chance of spotting these rare, beautiful creatures in the wild. Here is their song.

53 Open Source Replacements to Spice Up Your Desktop

earthweb.com: With so many new devices – with so many new interfaces – coming out all the time, is your desktop starting to seem a little, well…boring? Are you frustrated by how slow and buggy Windows is? Are you tired of winter weather and wish that something – anything – would change? If so, this list is for you.

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