Creating a world where plastic packaging is not seen as a waste, but as a resource

We expand recycled & recycleable PET to make it more sustainable, lightweight, insulating, and cost effective. InCycle™ PET sheets harness the benefits of our proprietary Ad-Air® technology and recycled PET to create a sustainable alternative to solid plastic and poly-coated paperboard in packaging and graphic communication applications.

• Reduced, Recycled, Recyclable
• Customizable to Meet Your Needs
• Works With Your Current Production Equipment
• Increases your sustainability scorecard rating
• Solid skin for high degree of printability
• Insulates temperature sensitive items
• Highly flexible for easy convolute forming
• Compresses, so it embosses very well
• Water and grease proof
• Bright white/reflecting surface enhances graphics

Making Incycle Flatsheet & Packaging Beyond the Conventional Food Packaging