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Jeopardy! Teen Tournament

Tune in for 10 nights of extreme smarts on Jeopardy!
February 17th - March 2nd

Exceptional brain power? That's a given. Magnetic personalities? They've got that too. Then there's that little something extra; an X-factor. It's what gives these teens the confidence to compete in an elite field of their closest peers. It's why they accept the challenge to show their best and have fun doing it. It's what makes them become lifelong friends with their biggest competitors. It's what makes the Jeopardy! Teen Tournament a fan favorite year in and year out.

Jeopardy! Teen Tournament Group Photo Nikhil Erin Christian Raynell Lindsey Carlee Brandon Kailyn Mr. Trebek Andrew Raya Idrees Kate Steven Cosi Ralphie

Front Row L-R: Erin, Lindsey, Kailyn, Mr. Trebek, Raya, Kate and Cosi
Back Row L-R: Nikhil, Christian, Raynell, Carlee, Brandon, Andrew, Idrees, Steven and Raphie

  • On The Next Teen Jeopardy!

    • Christian Ie

      “The stage looks a lot smaller than it seems on TV!”

      Christian Ie

      Renton, WA

    • Brandon Welch

      “My dream category is Star Trek.”

      Brandon Welch

      Grayson, GA

    • Kate Wadman

      “In 10 years? I want to be doing something to help countries interact peacefully.”

      Kate Wadman

      Tucson, AZ

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