Kelley Williams-Bolar: Jailed for Sending Kids to "White" School District

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Dprippa | January 25, 2011 | likes, 2 dislikes

Read More & Sign Petition of Appeal Here: AKR...

Dprippa | January 25, 2011 | likes, 2 dislikes

Read More & Sign Petition of Appeal Here:

AKRON, Ohio - The Akron mother, who was sentenced to 10 days in the Summit County Jail for felony tampering with records, said she's planning to appeal her guilty verdict.

Kelley Williams-Bolar, 40, spoke exclusively with NewsChannel5 reporter Bob Jones from inside the jail on Thursday morning.

Judge Patricia Cosgrove could have sent Williams-Bolar to a state prison for up to 10 years. Instead, the judge opted for local jail time, two years community control and 80 hours of community service.

Still, Williams-Bolar said she was shocked when she was ordered to spend time behind bars.

"I did expect probation. I did not expect to be here," said Williams Bolar, who was dressed in a gray and white jail jumpsuit during the interview.


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  • The problem isn't the woman. It's education in America. Where are all the pro-lifers at when shit like this is going on? Make life outside the womb bearable. EVERY child should have access to GOOD education. I say better public transport so you can send your kid to any school, higher standards for ALL teachers, and enough of this district shit. Your child shouldn't have to go to a shit school because your town doesn't know how to distribute the goddamn tax dollars equally.

  • @soadfreak313 hahaha! I didng even realize your usernames significance! Freudian slip FTW.

    Also good comment.

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  • Don't worry about it soadfreak313. She went to jail because she lied. That's the bottom line. Her house was subsidized so she wasn't paying any taxes and she wasn't living with her father, I just watched an interview of her on "The Talk" and she admitted that the children stayed there a couple nights a week. Had she put her house on the market and actually moved her family in with her father, the papers would have been valid. She could have put her house up for sale and moved into an apartment

  • (an unjust law is no law at all) It seems like when unjustice is done america uses scare tactics to make it right. How can they make a law that sts ur not in ur district ur stealing taxes, when they are taking taxes from people with no kids, to fund others that do...basically the same thing , if u want to go the selfish angle. This tax ploy sound one sided to me. There is more to this.

  • One angle? Is the law anyone that has kids in that district has 2 pay the tax toward education. No, so if they r going to use she is stealing taxes, how about refunding everyone that doest have kids..including the grandfather, since he doesnt count. Why should the district pay for her kid, then why should people with no kids that live in the area have their taxes taken for education.

  • Fuck this judge what she felt she had to do was wrong. this women was 12 credit hours away from being a teacher! now she has a felony! no teaching job for her! her family is sentenced to poverty for life! But we let people cross our border to get a better life while we fuck over our own! good job you peice of shit! i hope black people pull the race card on this one real hard!

  • If the father lives in the district then he pays taxes there. Therefore the children can go to school there. Even if it took a simple temporary guardian agreement between her and her father. That would have been her best bet ti sign the children over to her father a temporary guardian. That would have put an end to all this shit. Also I'd like to know how the Private Eye caught her. Was her right to privacy invaded? In the end school vouchers are the way to go. End the Public school monopoly.

  • Using the idea that parents/guardians need to pay taxes towards a school for their children to attend is flawed. What about homeless children who have parents living on the street? Homeless people don't pay taxes to ANY area, so if we used that idea, then homeless children shouldn't be allowed to go to any school. Same with orphans or people who get major tax write offs.

    Last time I checked, public schools were supposed to teach the same materials, so focus on why some schools are lacking.

  • Poor woman! The judge has also put the final nail in her coffin regarding any chance of bettering herself. She will not be able to teach now she has a prison record.

  • Oh wow I live in Ohio and I bleave she did the right thing for her girls these people are taking it to hard the people need to get a life it was for the girls and u put there mom in jail for it wow scary

  • Oh wow inl

  • @soadfreak313 - you, sir, are as out of place as a hat on an ass. Like @mphlohi said, "Sometimes the reasoning behind an action DOES make all the difference". I would venture to say that you are a member of some school board, so no wonder why the school system in this country is so screwed up.

    You have been cited for ignorance. Remove yourself from all conversations requiring the use of intelligence immediately. 

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