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No 'sultanah' title or special perks for 2 Johor consorts


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JOHOR BARU: Two consorts of the Johor royalty will no longer be addressed as sultanah.

The special privileges accorded to Tunku Puan Zanariah Iskandar and Tunku Puan Nora Ismail were also removed on Wednesday.

In the latest circular issued by the Johor government pertaining to the Johor royal titles, the two shall either be called "Tunku Puan" or "Tunku" with immediate effect.

Zanariah, 71, is the second consort of Sultan Iskandar, the 24th sultan of Johor, who died last year, while her elder sister, Nora, 74, is the consort of the late Sultan Ismail, the 23rd sultan of Johor.

The decision was reached between the state government and the Johor Council of the Royal Court following instructions from Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim.

Announcing it yesterday, council secretary Datuk Rahim Ramli said a consort was not automatically a "sultanah". She assumes the title upon a coronation ceremony in the palace.

"From now on, all privileges accorded to Tunku Puan Zanariah Iskandar and Tunku Puan Nora Ismail earlier will cease.

"Both shall no longer use any letterheads, envelopes or stationery items bearing the 'sultanah' crown, which symbolises the Johor royalty.

"If they wish to continue with the privilege of quicker Immigration and customs clearance, they may seek approval from the palace," he said in his office here.

Present was State Secretary Datuk Abdul Latiff Yusof.

The circular was issued to all state departments, federal departments, local authorities and statutory bodies.

The decision of the government is also based on provisions stipulated in the state constitution and the customs of the Johor royalty.

Rahim said the consort of the Sultan of Johor, Raja Zarith Sofiah, should not be addressed as "sultanah" until a coronation ceremony is held at a later date.

"In other words, there is no sultanah in Johor at present."

Rahim said there was only one sultanah in Johor, the late Sultanah Aminah. The first general hospital in Johor is named after her.


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