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 Welcome to the New South Wales Ocean Baths website developed with the help of a grant from the NSW Heritage Office.



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1. North Coast
2. Newcastle
3. Central Coast
4. Sydney - Northern Beaches
5. Sydney - Eastern Suburbs
6. Sydney - Cronulla
7. Illawarra
8. Shoalhaven
9. South Coast

  More Key Facts

* Swimming in these pools is quite different from swimming in most outdoor inground pools, or in bay and harbour pools or other tidal pools
* Ocean baths can be as simple as a ring-of-rocks on beach sand, or a natural pool in the rock platform or rocky shore that's been enhanced by deepening it, adding concrete walls or smoothing its floor
* Ocean baths also include  concrete pools sited on a coastal rock platform.
* Ocean baths were very significant places in coastal coal-mining communities
* Ocean baths were significant in the development of coastal tourism, sport and recreation
* Ocean baths are important learn-to-swim venues and sites for club competitions
* Ocean baths have increased the value of nearby properties and helped their sales
* None of the current ocean baths now offer hot seawater baths, but some once did
* At ocean baths, people of all ages swim, play, exercise, snorkel, sunbake, socialise, get acquainted with the plant and animal life of the rocky shores and admire the views
* People fish from and near the ocean baths



Fast Facts

* The Australian state of New South Wales has around a hundred ocean baths. These pools are tidal swimming pools on the open coast and  waves break over the side of these pools
* Some of the oldest ocean baths are in the cities of Newcastle and Wollongong, although Sydney's ocean baths are better known
* Many ocean baths are unfenced and available for use at all hours
* Very few ocean baths have admission charges
* Only one of these ocean baths is now reserved solely for use by women and children, but more once were
* None of the current ocean baths are reserved solely for use by men, but some once were.




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