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Missouri Real Estate

Track Missouri real estate values including median price of real estate listings in Missouri by each listing type. Then check Missouri mortgage rates for various loan types and graph their trends over time. Also search Missouri homes for sale using the search box above or by browsing the city list below to find real estate in any Missouri city.

Missouri Real Estate Market Snapshot
Listing Type Number Median Price Price Change
from Jan
Homes for Sale 94,398 $124,900 -0.1%
New Homes 47 $199,900 0.0%
Foreclosures 8,831 $107,500 +1.4%

1 Year Market Value Change

Missouri Mortgage Rates

Friday, February 18, 2011

Mortgage Type Today Last Week Change Graph
15 Year Fixed 4.438% 4.443%  -0.005% graph
30 Year Fixed 5.063% 5.133%  -0.070% graph
5/1 Year ARM 3.254% 3.271%  -0.017% graph
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