CSU-Mitchell Bathurst Old Boys Rugby

Yes it's a new website for CSU-Mitchell Old Boys Rugby Union players. Sadly the last Old Boys Rugby website got absolutely belted by spam attacks and there was nothing I could do to recover it without starting all over again. Not that there was a lot there - but its now a faded memory like a Thursday night at the Rafters bar.

Of course now there is Facebook and the CSU Rugby Union Facebook page.  I'd guess that is going to be the main web presence that people go to.

William Stuart has been in touch - he has set up a Facebook CSU Old Boys Rugby page. He is also doing a great job on the regular CSU Rugby stuff for 2009.

Great job mate.

I'm starting fresh with a basic site and initially just trying to replicate some of the information that was on the last Old Boys Rugby site and on the CSU Rugby Net website.  I'll probably flesh this site out as I get time and if people send me ideas about what they really want.

Good health. Mick Quinn, March 2009.

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