Living Medicine Overview of the Process

Exercise your right to self-actualize: Take control of your health naturally!


Whatever your health status: whether you're looking to resolve a specific known disease like cancer or depression, or some unknown or so-called ‘un-dagnosable’ disorder, or whether you’re just looking to optimize your overall well-being, Living Medicine holds that the key to improving your health is in accepting self-responsibility for it. Only your body in concert with the Divine accomplishes the true miracle of healing. Participating in the Living Medicine program is your opportunity to take ownership of your own treatment, your health, your life!


Our society and the conventional medical community unfortunately reinforces the supposed appropriateness of merely “suppressing symptoms” of dysfunction rather than working to resolve the underlying problem within that individual that led to their expression in the first place. It takes great courage and force of will to break from the "herd mentality" of society and think critically about what you've been told by well-meaning medical professionals. Most of the patients who come to Living Medicine have earnestly tried working within the traditional paradigm, using approaches like drugs and surgery to "treat" their medical conditions. This most often only provides temporary relief and more commonly further degenerates the patient's state of health.


hands pictureAlternatively, Living Medicine provides natural remedies and protocols designed to powerfully support that innate healing wisdom within each individual as well as the body's internal mechanisms of healing and restoration. In order for your body to be functioning at its optimal level, each of your organs must be functioning at its peak. In order for your organs to be functioning at their peak, each of the cells within them must be healthy as well.


Coaching PhotoAs your health coach, Dr. Chris Fabricius teaches you how to build your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual vitality from a cellular level. His background and training in conventional medical sciences enable him to clearly counsel what conventional medical therapeutic options are available relative to those available using Natural medicine.


ThoughtfulAfter this discussion, you then have the opportunity to decide which path is the right one for you! Some patients choose to undergo conventional treatments of Pharmaceutical drugs, Chemotherapy, Surgery, and Radiation under the care of a conventional MD. Some patients choose safe, natural, validated, powerful non-traditional therapies that are routinely utilized by Dr. Fabricius and in other countries with marked success. Others choose to do both.



The Living Medicine approach has been wildly successful for nearly any disorder because it addresses health problems at their core.

Whatever your decision, Dr. Fabricius will be with you every step of the way.


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