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The New TV: HD, Mobile, 3D?

How do you watch TV now? On a big screen or a handheld? Plasma or iPad?

Cable and satellite TV has dominated broadcast media for decades. But there is an audience shift to a newer way to watch TV programs- the Internet.

Apple, Google, Netflix and other Internet giants are developing new technologies to watch TV on demand over a new range of iTV devices hitting the market this holiday.

3d TV in the home now affordable

The high end-tech gadgets this year are the new 3D capable TVs, 3D Blu-ray players and game motion sensors. 3D home entertainment may help revive the slumping electronics industry. Read about 3D entertainment.

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3D Movies prop up the box office

Free MovieSeveral major 3-D blockbuster films are planned for release almost every month this year. 3D movies were among the top grossing films in 2010.

During the 2010 holiday season, more blockbuster 3D films were released in a home 3D version within weeks of theatrical release. 3D movies may be the key to revive the slumping movie industry. See the schedule of new 3D movies in 2011, watch movie trailers and read studio production notes of upcoming 3D films.

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