John Kerry Lays Out Broad Vision of Reform

 Recently, John Kerry gave an important speech at the Center for American Progress Action Fund. In it, he decried the gridlock and inertia in the United States Senate, and laid out in stark terms the damage this could do to our country in these critical times. He also laid out some specific steps we could take to overcome this gridlock and meet the challenges facing us as we try to maintain and build our national prosperity in the 21st century economy. An excerpt:


Right now, other developed and developing countries are making far-reaching choices to reshape their economies and move forward in a new and very different global era. But instead of us responding as Americans have in the past, the frustrating reality is that our American political system is increasingly paralyzed and Balkanized into a patchwork of narrow interests that have driven the larger “national good” far from the national dialogue altogether.

Increasingly, overheated ideology and partisan infighting leave us less able to address or even comprehend the decisive nature and scale of the challenges that will decide our whole future.

The fact is – our strength at home determines our strength in the world. And other countries are constantly taking our measure, sizing us up, watching our politics, measuring our gridlock.


You can watch the speech and read the full text at the Washington Post by clicking here!

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