It Doesn’t Feel Like I’m Making Any Progress

by Naomi Dunford

I would like to lose some weight.

I have spent much of the last three months eating my way through Paris, London and New York and as such, I am not as svelte as I once was. (Word to the wise? Normandy is the real killer. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, the CHEESE!) Plus I’m going to California. Everyone is thinner in California.

When I got back from France, I weighed in at 161.5 pounds, up from the 149 pounds I’d been the last time I remember weighing myself. I’d like to be around 140, which will be, essentially, the lowest I’ve weighed as an adult.

Since the 161.5 incident, I’ve put a few very minor lifestyle changes in place (one gets accustomed to a certain level of wine consumption on the continent, so minor is all I’m committing to right now) and have gone down to 157.



How selflessness can help your business

by Johnny Truant

This is a post by Johnny B. Truant, IttyBiz Irregular and one of the creators of Profitable Idealism.

We can admit it, here on Ittybiz, secluded and on our own, right? It’s safe to talk about it? I can actually say the words?

Okay: We’re in it for the money.

I mean, I know that was and remains my driver for this whole entrepreneurial thing. I’ll bet most of you are the same way. You maybe have a dream, and you maybe have a thing you want to do or a way you want to live… but mostly you just want to make some of that sweet, sweet green so that you can buy stuff (anything from food to big-screen TVs) without having to work for someone else.



Captain Jack Sparrow on Living your Brand

by A Guest Author

This is a guest post from Deanna Lohnes, founder and proprietor of Parlance Media.

I was sitting on the train checking out a stranger’s tattoos. He caught me looking intently at the one on his forearm. He said “Jack Sparrow” by way of explanation. I looked away blushing because a) I got caught staring, and b) it was kinda lame.

My new friend Jack Sparrow got off at the next stop. On his way out, he handed me his business card. He’s a Captain Jack Sparrow impersonator for Pirates of the Caribbean themed parties.

The tat doesn’t seem so lame anymore.

I recently heard a suggestion by a marketing expert: make all your interactions an expression of your brand. My friend on the train truly exemplified this.



What Being Drunk Can Teach You About Marketing and Life

by A Guest Author

This is a guest post from Karol K. (@carlosinho), a 20-something year old web 2.0 entrepreneur from Poland who shares his thoughts on internet marketing and online business at newInternetOrder.com.

Admitting that I’m a bit drunk at the time of writing is probably not the most professional way of starting an article, ain’t it?

OK, I’m not really drunk because it would be difficult to put some decent words together, but I am drinking beer just to get into the right mindset.

Nevertheless… “Funny thing alcohol is.” – as Master Yoda would have probably put it. We are all quite familiar with both good and bad effects of alcohol. And there’s a thin line between them, usually known as the third beer.



How To Failproof Your Business, Episode 8: Making Metrics Sexy, and How To Make Damn Sure You Don’t Quit

by Naomi Dunford

So this is it, the last in the series. This is the last piece of the puzzle. We want to make sure you’re actually doing this stuff. Doing stuff = very good. Being Mr. Quitting Pants = not good.

Especially for those of you who are taking the Failproof training, or whatever other kind of training you’ve bought in the past, you’ve paid money for this. You’ve invested your time and energy into it. You’ve invested in the process. Don’t fuck up the end game by not actually doing the stuff that YOU ALREADY SAID WANT TO DO.

Have you ever noticed how the stuff that get rich quick shit they want you to click on, read or watch usually has a really sexy title like How To Make $100,000 This Year? Notice how “accountability and metrics” just isn’t quite as sexy? That’s too bad, because…

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