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24 February 2011 - Navy support for Christchurch Earthquake

The Royal New Zealand Navy has 226 Navy personnel committed to supporting Lyttelton after Tuesday’s devastating earthquake. HMNZ Ships CANTERBURY, OTAGO, PUKAKI and RESOLUTION are in the immediate area in direct support of relief efforts.

The Lyttelton township has been severely affected by the earthquake with massive destruction evident in the main street and surrounding areas. There is no water reticulation, and many people are without shelter, food or water.

HMNZS CANTERBURY provided 700 meals on Wednesday night and a non-armed security patrol of ten personnel remains in the Lyttelton Town Centre.

CANTERBURY will be providing further meals onboard to help alleviate a severe shortage of food and water. Evening meals will be available through to, and including Saturday evening.

Image at right: HMNZS CANTERBURY unloading emergency supplies at Lyttelton

The Navy’s Littoral Warfare Support Group is completing a survey of Lyttelton’s wharves and the port using Navy divers and a remote underwater vehicle. This survey work will identify any underwater obstructions and ensure the harbour is safe for other ships to use – essential for getting supplies into the area.

Both OTAGO and PUKAKI are providing personnel and supporting equipment to the Lyttelton area as needs arise.

CANTERBURY will be departing Lyttelton on Sunday for Wellington where she will refuel and resupply with emergency equipment. HMNZS OTAGO will be the Command Ship while CANTERBURY is in Wellington. CANTERBURY is scheduled to return to Lyttelton on Monday, 28 February.


February 2011 - Christchurch earthquake

HMNZS CANTERBURY was alongside in Lyttelton when the damaging earthquake struck the region on Tuesday, 22 February.

The NZ Defence Force had been preparing for a large exercise in the region and assets were immediately diverted to the rescue effort yesterday.

The ship’s fortuitous positioning allowed an immediate response with the unloading of personnel, vehicles and equipment into the Lyttelton CBD.

Naval personnel from HMNZ Ships CANTERBURY, OTAGO and PUKAKI are supporting local authorities in providing passive security within the Lyttelton area.

CANTERBURY is also providing support to other Naval units involved in the response including the Navy’s Operational Diving Team – conducting a harbour underwater survey – and the Deployable Hydrographic Unit who are conducting a survey of the port area.

A small group of local people stayed on CANTERBURY last night and were relocated this morning.

HMNZS RESOLUTION has conducted a confidence survey check on the approaches to Lyttleton Harbour which has proven clear.


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February 2011 - Navy tradition at Waitangi lives on

The Royal New Zealand Navy played a major part in recent commemorative ceremonies at Waitangi during the 171st Anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi.

The Navy first paraded at tradition still lives the Waitangi Treaty Grounds in 1947 and the on in 2011 in spectacular fashion.

This year the ANZAC Frigate HMNZS TE KAHA, the Offshore Patrol Vessel HMNZS OTAGO and Inshore Patrol Vessel HMNZS HAWEA were in the Bay of Islands.

There were two Ceremonial Beat Retreat Ceremonies with His Excellency the Governor General and the Chief of Navy reviewing the two ceremonies respectively. The Navy Band entertained the public during the ceremonies before a 100 man Royal Guard of Honour march on with military precision and pride to conduct the ceremonial lowering of the white ensign.

DECEMBER 2010 - Third issue of Navy Today e-book now online.

The third issue of the Navy Today e-book is now online. To read the e-book click on this link.

The third issue includes a photo-gallery of the year's best pictures and a video clip of the Navy's new recruiting television commercial. 

Feature stories include a report on the Defence White Paper and its implications for the Navy; the homecoming of HMNZS WELLINGTON and; the activities of the Naval Combat Force.

Other news in the latest e-book includes reports from each ship in the fleet, a story on the commemoration of the Korean War, and an interview with the Chief of the Royal Australian Navy, Vice-Admiral Russ Crane.

DECEMBER 2010 - OTAGO and WELLINGTON return from the Sub-Antarctic Islands

The Offshore Patrol Vessels OTAGO and WELLINGTON have completed a week-long operation to the Sub-Antarctic Islands south of New Zealand.

During the week-long operation the ships transported a team of scientists undertaking a three month expedition to study the ecology, archaeology and human impact on the Campbell Islands. 

Right: WELLINGTON at anchor, Perserverance Harbour, Campbell Island.

The Governor-General, His Excellency the Right Honourable Sir Anand Satyanand and the Minister of Conservation the Hon Kate Wilkinson also travelled with the Navy to the Islands.

Read the full story about the operation here.

A gallery of photographs can be viewed on the Navy's Flickr site.

November 2010 - HMNZS TE KAHA honing operational capability with HMA ships

It’s been a busy few weeks for HMNZS TE KAHA, as she exercises off Eastern Australia working alongside HMA ships DARWIN, BALLARAT AND STUART.

TE KAHA’s focus is on increasing operational capability, proving her war-fighting abilities of pace, pressure and close quarters manoeuvring under red threat-warnings. Within hours of reaching the Eastern Australian Exercise Areas TE KAHA took part in:

• a minefield transit
• a high pressure boat transfer to uplift vital personnel and stores
• Anti-Submarine and Anti-Air Warfare serials and
• Naval Gunfire Support.

Several trainee Officers of the Watch (OOW) on board TE KAHA are relishing the opportunity to also gain their OOW warfare tickets by fully immersing themselves in the Defence Watches as they get ever closer to achieving operational excellence.


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Navy Today December 2010

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