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June 4, 2010


May 19 , 2010  

If Medifast (NYSE:MED) thought a lawsuit would bully critics into silence-- they thought wrong.

:: Click Here for new, 18-page report by consumer expert Robert Fitzpatrick ::

New 18 page report by consumer expert Robert Fitzpatrick shows 53% of Medifast, Inc. (NYSE:MED) coaches lose money

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May 14 , 2010  

New investigative story by iBusiness Reporting adds to the well-established pattern of undisclosed nepotism by InterOil (NYSE:IOC) CEO Phil Mulacek and Director Gaylen Byker.

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InterOil (NYSE:IOC) paid $1.8 million to a company whose vice president and director
was the brother of InterOil's CEO and co-owner of company it did business with was brother-in-law of InterOil's CEO.

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May 5 , 2010  

Is InterOil, Corp. (NYSE:IOC) today's Tyco equivalent? Newly revealed, InterOil deals with relatives show pattern of failing to report family ties.

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iBusiness Reporting releases part 1 of 3-part series on InterOil's undisclosed,
multi-million-dollar ‘nepotism' deals.

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Barry Minkow, co-founder of FDI says, "In our opinion, there is no difference between Frank Walsh, who plead guilty to securities fraud, wrongly receiving a 20 million dollar payment from Tyco while serving on the Board as an independent director and Gaylen Byker's self dealing at Interoil.”

April 29 , 2010


FDI provides roadmap to outside auditors PricewaterhouseCooper
to find alleged fraud at Interoil.

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Is InterOil's decade-old narrative about being on the verge of riches about to crumble?  
With no proven gas reserves, no partner to build LNG plant and cash
running out, 10 new signs point to looming trouble for InterOil.

:: Click Here for new Ibizreporting report ::

Barry Minkow, co-founder of FDI, is asking the independent, auditors of PricewaterhouseCoopers to remember their fiduciary duty and increase the “testing of transactions”—especially in the area of income--based on the cumulative evidence that appears to indicate that Interoil's (NYSE:IOC) senior management can no longer be relied upon.

“General Accepted Auditing Standard 99 (known as SAS 99) states that once the outside auditors have a reasonable suspicion that the senior management of the engagement can no longer be relied upon, they are to ‘increase testing' in their audit procedure” stated Barry Minkow, Co-Founder of the Fraud Discovery Institute.

“We believe the just released report by William Lobdell, Managing Editor of Ibizreporting provides a cumulative case for PricewaterhouseCoopers to increase their testing of transactions—especially in the ‘testing for income' and ‘the possibility of undisclosed related party transactions,'” added Minkow. The report by William Lobdell also draws attention to the yet to be seen (but previously promised by CEO Phil Mulacek to a packed room of analysts and investors) Netherland Sewell report. 

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April 20 , 2010  

Is Medifast, Inc. (NYSE:MED) enough like Pre-Paid Legal (NYSE:PPD), Inc.
to draw the attention of law enforcement?
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Medifast's compensation plan looks a lot like that of Pre-Paid Legal.

 Also,  iBusiness Reporting breaks silence and unleashes new, devastating report on
Medifast and its lofty promises of profit potential that comes true for very few.

Click Here for iBizReporting site.

April 13 , 2010  

15 months later, FDI releases Lennar Top Ten Red Flags for Fraud 2—The Sequel

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to read the report.

Investigation includes claims from bankrupt joint-venture partners, misleading financial statements, thousands of unpaid subcontractors and 2 Fs and a D- minus from Better Business Bureau

Click Here to read the Press Release.

BONUS: Special, never before seen 9:36 footage from FDI documentary:  Too Big to go to Jail, the Lennar Story
Click Here to see footage.

April 6 , 2010  

Will the real Interoil (NYSE:IOC) LNG Potential Partner please ink a substantive deal?

FDI points to the suspicious pattern of press stories on multiple occasions promising an ‘imminent' partner for Interoil (NYSE:IOC)

Click Here to read press release :: Click Here to read the full story on iBusinessReporting

March 31, 2010  

New allegations in the fraud civil case against InterOil CEO Phil Mulacek: contradictory testimony, claims of secret stashes of stock, CFO left in the dark and more...

iBusiness Reporting spends days at the Montgomery County courthouse in Texas pouring over thousands of court documents that reveal conflicting statements to Court and Investors in an ongoing pattern of deceit.

Click Here for the story on iBusinessReporting

Click Here for the Press Release :: Click Here for the Ben Dummett article

March 30, 2010  

FDI unveils trailer of documentary titled: 

“Too Big to Go to Jail: The Lennar Story”    

FDI also releases stunning, never before seen clip from film allegedly confirming the falsification of a government document by Lennar Corporation (NYSE:LEN)

Click Here for the Press Release :: Click Here to view the trailer and bonus footage

March 26, 2010  

:: Breaking News on the InterOil (NYSE:IOC) Investigation ::

Lawsuit, set for trial in May, alleges CEO Phil Mulacek used variety of illegal schemes to enrich himself and defraud original investors.

Federal judge says Phil Mulacek's credibility “diminished” by building a key argument
in recent bankruptcy papers upon a lie.

“The most serious of these claims is the most obvious—the very foundation on which Interoil was built, is a fraud based on the intentional inflation of an asset costing $250,000 -- which allowed InterOil to refine unleaded gasoline -- was reported to investors by Mulacek to have cost $15 million.  And it is the very artificial inflation of assets that is at the core of the Interoil scheme. Mulacek simply added  zeroes  in the current scheme in that instead of a refinery component not being worth  $15 million  he now touts oil and natural gas exploration sites in PNG as being the largest find in the world yet to date not one drop of commercially viable reserves has been sold by the company.”

Click Here for the Press Release :: Click Here for the story on iBusinessReporting


February 19, 2010  
FDI FDI responds to Mediast, Inc (NYSE:MED) lawsuit. Promises full blown attack of truthful information and a relentless defense, relaunches Medifraud.net.
Click Here for the Press Release.

FDI calls the Medifast, Inc (NYSE:MED) lawsuit "a turning point" for companies like them who utilize threats and intimidation to silence those who challenge them.


February 3, 2010  
FDI Award-winning, former LA Times journalist William Lobdell teams up with FDI to launch investigative online news operation, iBusiness Reporting,
to report on business corruption and fraud.

Click Here to access ibizreporting.com

January 14, 2010  

Lennar (NYSE:LEN) fails to pay state tax lien of $88,000 at the same time they await a 320 million dollar federal tax refund.  Lennar, a walking contradiction. Click Here for press release. Click Here to see the tax warrant.

FDI also points out the recent, record stock option gifts given to certain Lennar (NYSE:LEN) executives at the same time the company stacks up losses.  See below for for chart of recent, 2009 stock grants or Click Here for a larger version.


January 8, 2010  


Barry Minkow Writes Open Letter in Response to Medifast Accusations.

Click Here to read the letter

>> Multi level marketing expert releases new findings on Medifast, Inc. (NYSE:MED): calls company a "consumer pyramid". Click Here for unabridged report.

Expert: "Under the Medifast's (NYSE:MED) chain letter pay plan, the great majority of the coaches can never reach the tantalizing income lures that are used in Take Shape for Life's promotion". Click Here for Press Release.

>> FDI Responds to Medifast "independent investigation" of past findings.  Click Here for Press Release on rebuttal.

Through the utilization of the fraud technique of diversion, Medifast (NYSE:MED) misleads the public in public response to critic.  Click Here for the Medifraud web site.

December 16, 2009  

InterOil's (NYSE:IOC) Senior Manager for Media Relations
sends email threats to FDI Co-Founder

FDI demonstrates that InterOil (NYSE:IOC) selectively excludes certain issued press releases from regulatory filing.

Click Here for the Press Release issued by FDI.
Click Here for the supporting documentation.
Click Here for the email threats

December 14, 2009  

FDI challenges three month, 132% increase in InterOil Corp's (NYSE:IOC) stock price by demonstrating sleight of hand in recent press releases...

-- Has InterOil any discovered resources?  Not even close.
-- Has InterOil seen an earnings increase that justifies their 3 month, 132% stock price increase in the midst of a world-wide recession? Not even close.
-- Have analysts been objective in their ‘hype' of InterOil?  Not even close.
-- Is Wall Street still willing to believe the hype of this oil and gas exploration company? Close enough.
-- Has InterOil used the technique of diversion and slight of hand to fool Wall Street?  Close enough.
-- Does InterOil have any confirmed resources?  Not close enough.
-- Does InterOil refine any of their own gas or oil? Not even in the ballpark.
-- Is this company nothing more than hype?  Dead on.

InterOil Corp's (NYSE:IOC) investors duped into believing company has discovered and certified resources in Papua New Guinea.

Click Here for the Press Release.

October 7, 2009  

Fraud Discovery Institute, Inc. unveils “PayDirt”, an investigative documentary about America's 2nd largest homebuilder, Lennar Corporation - Click Here for PayDirt site.

PayDirt' promises to bring unparalleled evidence of fraud and misrepresentation at Lennar Corporation (NYSE:LEN)
Click Here for official press release announcement of "PayDirt".

October 2, 2009  

Prepaid Legal, Inc (NYSE:PPD) releases Q-3 09 numbers; shows the company's key metric, membership fees, down 1.5% while total new memberships decline 7% >> Click Here for expert’s summation and press release.

Q-3 numbers reveal 85% of PPD's salesforce quits or fails to make even one sale annually; 2% of salesforce makes 10 or more sales annually.

August 13, 2009  

Geologist's report reveals depth of deception at InterOil's Antelope-1 well: Ponzi scheme.

FDI releases 63-page report on Antelope-1, the first in a series of reports to include the Elk wells.

Click Here
for full report and introduction. Click Here for press release.

August 10 , 2009  

Does Terrell Herring, President and COO of inVentiv Health, Inc. (NASD: VTIV) possess MBA from Diploma Mill, a crime in the State of New Jersey? FDI says yes! Click Here for breaking release.

NJ statute NJ.S.A. 18A:3-15.2 explicitly states that any use of a diploma mill degree in the context of business setting is illegal. Click Here for supporting documentation including letter FDI wrote to the New Jersey State Attorney General.

July 2, 2009  

Pre-Paid legal, Inc (NYSE:PPD) Recruitment of Associates for the first two quarters of 2009 down over 23% from the same period last year. Click Here for just-released FDI Press Release.

Critical recruitment of company's sales force dropped 22% and enrollment of new customers dropped 9% over a year before, yet stock price was artificially pushed upward in Q-2 09 with the company's re-purchases.

June 26, 2009  

“Multiple offerings totaling over half a billion dollars plus ‘we found oil' press releases equals Ponzi every time.” Click Here for Press Release; Click Here for detailed summary of IOC offerings and press releases from 2003 to 2009. Click Here for www.internooil.com.

“Are the recent Dow Jones allegations of possible fraud and material misrepresentation at InterOil, Corp (NYSE:IOC) a test case for law enforcement?”  Click Here for Press Release.

June 8, 2009

Former SEC Division of Enforcement Attorney letter sites possible stock touting of Medifast (NYSE:MED) stock by company's single-officed, New Jersey based, independent, outside auditors through their alleged independent investment entity.

Click Here for Letter from Expert. Click Here for undercover operation pictures of accounting firm.
Click Here for Press Release. Click Here for the entire investigation at www.medifraud.net.

May 27, 2009  

New, filed law suit and sworn deposition testimony accuse Lennar (NYSE:LEN) and its CEO Stuart Miller of conspiracy to defraud.

FDI releases recently uncovered secret Lennar plan, orchestrated by its senior management, to defraud joint venture partner; outlines multiple misrepresentations.  Click Here for FDI summary report. Click Here for Press Release. Click Here for Special YouTube video. Click Here for updated www.lenn-ron.com web site.

May 22, 2009  

Non Profit Consumer Advocate Group teams up with FDI; files formal complaint against Medifast, Inc (NYSE:MED) with law enforcement. Click Here for letter.  Click Here for press release. 

COMING SOON - - FDI to roll out You Tube video interviews of past Medifast, Inc (NYSE:MED) “coaches”who enrolled in the business opportunity only to conclude it was an endless chain.