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Education News Parents Can Use


  • The Department of Education has begun a new, expanded effort to produce video for television and the Web, and as a consequence we are discontinuing production of Education News Parents Can Use. The December 2009 program is our last in the series. Please stay tuned throughout 2010 for announcements about new live events, quality videos about education in America, and new media products from the Department of Education. Thank you for your continued partnership and loyal viewership of Education News Parents Can Use. We will still maintain the Education.TV mailbox and our broadcast partner listserv to stay in touch.

  • Watch the archived webcast of Student Voices on Education: A National Town Hall Meeting with Arne Duncan

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Education News Parents Can Use (2002 - 2009) focused on schools, learning and student success. It was broadcast on the third Tuesday of each month during the school year, offering parents and anyone else with an interest in education vital information about getting involved in children's learning.

Education News Parents Can Use (2002 - 2009) ...

  • Gave viewers the opportunity to ask questions of the experts—including educators, community and business leaders, and concerned parents drawn from communities across the country—and to find out ways to improve teaching and learning in schools and in the home.

  • Featured viewer call-ins, lively discussion and brief segments, including one-on-one interviews, "how-to" demonstrations, video and graphics, and brief conversations with parents, educators, community, business and religious leaders, and education experts.

  • Covered subjects such as reading, technology, school safety, special education and preparing for college. Guests appear live or prerecorded and have included film star Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, NFL football great Darrell Green and PBS's Bill Nye the Science Guy.

  • Targeted an informed citizenry—parents, educators and anyone with a general knowledge of and strong interest in education. Visit Ways to Watch to learn how to view past episodes of Education News. For broadcasters interested in carrying new videos from the Department of Education, please visit For Broadcasters.

Questions? ...

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to send a message to our E-mail event box at or call us at 1-800-USA-LEARN.

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Last Modified: 12/22/2009