Xinq Search and Browse tool

Xinq [Xml INQuiry]

Search and browse tool for accessing an XML database

Xinq is tool which creates a web-application completely from only an application-specification file written in XML. The created web-application accesses data from an XML database and currently provides search and browse functionality. Update functionality is being developed under the umbrella of another open source project, Xedit, which is based on the Xinq architecture.

Xinq is implemented using standards-based and open-source technologies including XSLT, XQuery, JSP and Java Servlet technologies. The XML:DB API is used for accessing the XML data repository. Any database that supports XQuery and the XML:DB API can be used. Throughout development we have been trialling eXist, an open-source native-XML database.


About Xinq

Xinq has been developed by the National Library of Australia as the lead member of the Deep Web working group of the International Internet Preservation Consortium (IIPC). The IIPC has as its objective to identify strategies and produce tools for archiving web content which is inaccessible to crawlers.

One of the deliverables for this working group was a web-based access tool to search and navigate structured data archives (which are stored as XML) which are the long-term preservation copies of deposited databases and document archives.

The outcome of an analysis of the requirements for this tool is documented in the following specification "Specifications for Database Archive Access Tool", which is now known as XinQ. Although developed for the IIPC, the functionality provided by XinQ can be used for the automatic creation of a search/browse interface to any xml content..

In particular we have found it a useful tool in the following areas:

Example Application

An example Xinq instance is accessible, with its accompanying application specification file, from the link below.

Health Education Rural Resources Database [Application Configuration File]

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