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Ticktheseet Costs
by salty234 [28-Feb-11 12:39 am]
Not rated 0 28-Feb-11 12:39 am
by salty234
Good God - Oil almost at $100 tonight !
by goldmanthi... [27-Feb-11 11:17 pm]
Not rated 0 27-Feb-11 11:17 pm
by goldmanthi...
by zoorbish [27-Feb-11 09:35 pm]
Not rated 0 27-Feb-11 09:35 pm
by zoorbish
ALL libya oilfields shut down, oman,bahrain next,m...
by double_dog... [27-Feb-11 07:49 pm]
Not rated 0 27-Feb-11 07:49 pm
by double_dog...
by mmurray299... [26-Feb-11 04:25 pm]
Not rated 2 27-Feb-11 06:39 pm
by mmurray299...
Mao zedong says
by mao_ze_don... [27-Feb-11 01:59 pm]
Not rated 0 27-Feb-11 01:59 pm
by mao_ze_don...
Saudi Arabia increases Production via 700,000
by jojostocks... [25-Feb-11 09:06 am]
Not rated 2 26-Feb-11 04:29 pm
by mmurray299...
news for AMRN
by bbqmann74 [19-Jan-11 03:37 pm]
25 26-Feb-11 09:46 am
by loggerhead...
the real deal is amr is a sewer
by zoorbish [25-Feb-11 03:50 pm]
Not rated 0 25-Feb-11 03:50 pm
by zoorbish
told you guys a year ago this was dead money....
by matthewday... [19-Jan-11 02:01 pm]
Not rated 2 25-Feb-11 02:16 pm
by whygotomar...
punishing week
by zoorbish [25-Feb-11 12:46 pm]
Not rated 1 25-Feb-11 02:11 pm
by bo_ilic69
sorry charlie, OIL up again..earnings will sink,se...
by mo_jo_1 [25-Feb-11 07:45 am]
Not rated 1 25-Feb-11 09:41 am
by loggerhead...
Heres The Real Deal
by loggerhead... [25-Feb-11 09:34 am]
Not rated 0 25-Feb-11 09:34 am
by loggerhead...
Lets runit up to $7 today and PUNISH
by bo_ilic69 [25-Feb-11 09:02 am]
Not rated 1 25-Feb-11 09:17 am
by loggerhead...
PUNISHMENT for Zoorbis and shorts
by bo_ilic69 [25-Feb-11 08:58 am]
Not rated 0 25-Feb-11 08:58 am
by bo_ilic69
Oil continuing a free fall.down almost $1
by bo_ilic69 [25-Feb-11 08:54 am]
Not rated 0 25-Feb-11 08:54 am
by bo_ilic69
Up .08 aft. hrs. whats up? Must be the
by bo_ilic69 [24-Feb-11 07:45 pm]
Not rated 0 24-Feb-11 07:45 pm
by bo_ilic69
the press release was not warm and fuzzy
by zoorbish [24-Feb-11 07:22 pm]
Not rated 1 24-Feb-11 07:28 pm
by bo_ilic69
everyday people?-no everyday punishment
by zoorbish [24-Feb-11 07:23 pm]
Not rated 0 24-Feb-11 07:23 pm
by zoorbish
Good News from the Union Logger
by jojostocks... [24-Feb-11 04:49 pm]
Not rated 2 24-Feb-11 07:11 pm
by loggerhead...
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