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LBNL Net100 Project Information

The Net100 project is a DOE/MICS sponsored High-Performance Networks Program project to develop a network-aware operating system. Visit the official Net100 website at

The Net100 collaboration includes:

The LBNL component of Net100 is called the "Network Tools Analysis Framework (NTAF)". NTAF allows one to easily define network experiments on a mesh of test hosts by specifying what network measurement tools to run, how often to run them, and where to send the results. NTAF runs the tests and sends the result to an archive service for historical analysis.


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LBNL's Major Milestones and Activities

The principal deliverable from LBNL is the "Network Tools Analysis Framework", or NTAF. LBNL will also help test data intensive applications over the net100 test environment.

Year 1:

Year 2: Year 3: We hope that this work will find its way into the following projects:

Net100 Project Progress Reports:

LBNL Net100 Private Area
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NTAF installation / configuration information

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