“We have to evolve means of obtaining energy
from stores which are forever inexhaustible,
to perfect methods which do not imply consumption
and waste of any material whatever”
N. Tesla

Mikhail Dmitriev’s website devoted to the question of practical usage of earth’s gravitational field.

Let free energy
enter your home!

Everybody knows how harmful the conventional energy sources are for the environment. That is why the whole world is transferring to the use of the alternate energy sources as much as possible. But they are not so effective in practical usage to completely substitute the conventional energy sources.

Besides the known and usual for all of us conventional and alternate energy sources, there is another energy source which people have dreamed to start using since ancient times while trying to invent the so-called “perpetuum mobile”. The main idea of the most of “perpetuum mobile” inventions is based on achieving autorotation using the earth’s gravitational field (gravity force).

Using gravity to receive energy is considered impossible. The reason is explained in such a way that “Forces, work of which does not depend on path configuration, but is defined by an initial and a final body position, are called potential. It is obvious that work of potential forces on the closed path is equal to zero” (a quote from a textbook). This formulation denies the possibility of creating a gravitational engine, which uses differential torque from different sides of a wheel to work on its basis. Let us doubt if this categorical statement is true.

First of all, the gravitational field is not static and potential. It is a strictly dynamic natural phenomenon as a development of space-time oscillations. More details about this question will be demonstrated on the website devoted to the structure of the universe (under construction).

Nevertheless, several words “about static and potential properties” of the gravitational field should be mentioned here.
Behind the “visible” potentiality “invisible” dynamics of space is hiding i.e. space-in-time oscillations. Static tension (space-time curvature, for instance) cannot be a source of movement or rotation. These are abstract mathematical games, thrown to God instead of dice (according to Einstein). The movement of a material particle or a material object in empty space is the most ridiculous thing which theorists could ever invent. In fact, there is no empty space. This hard fact (that nature cannot suffer emptiness) has been known since the time of Aristotle, but for some reason it is being ignored today. This very fact gives rise to gravitational waves which are “extremely hard to find out”. They are looked for in the wrong place and in the wrong way. And do they need to be looked for if every person constantly feels them with all his body cells as  demonstration of gravitation. The Earth (and other gravitating objects, such as atoms, planets, stars, etc.) is seized by a spherical layered cocoon of gravitational field in which these space layers oscillating on different frequencies are cyclically shifting replacing each other in order to prevent of emptiness. For the objects having a mass it creates a wave moving towards the centre of the source, and for zero-mass objects (photons) – in the backward direction, i.e. from the centre (atomic radiation continuum, for instance). In this representation everything looks simple and visual, not way too smart, without scrolls and dodges, i.e. just the way nature should work. It cannot solve simultaneous equations and matrix calculations to define the movement path for each material particle and object. It uses the simplest actions. The gradient of gravitational field along with the conjugated gradients of temperature, density and pressure are quite available for measuring by hardware. As for temperature, ambient, for instance, it cannot be referred to statics at all. At any rate.

This is why dynamics (not potentiality) of gravitational field nowadays remains “invisible” only for those who want to see it like that. While there is a wave creating the mass movement (a stream, in other words), there is a possibility of managing this stream in order to receive usable energy. It goes the same way as it does using the water flow (flood) or air flow (wind flow), i.e. creating unbalanced state of the system in the stream leading to its rotation due to constructive peculiarities of a “turbine installation”.

Second, real cases of mass rotation about axis in the gravity field categorically refuse to “correspond” to that very work (above) in the closed path which (and that is obvious enough now, too) does not have to be equal to zero by all means. There are tons of examples – from trivial beam scales to teeters and a gymnast (a turner) rotating on a crossbar.

All swinging and rotating in these cases is being performed in the earth’s gravitational field without other outer forces influence due to “internal reserve and design philosophy” which action comes to body centre of gravity shift (not taking much effort), and, as a result, supporting of unbalanced state of the system for some time.
In the case of rotation about axis the energy of mass rotation depends on a rotation orbital radius and the speed of rotation. It can be defined by a term angular momentum which characterizes the quantity of rotational movement.

This leads to the striking conclusion:

Nothing (meaning course of nature) prohibits to build such a device, in which mass from one side of the axis rotates on one orbit (with a small radius), and from another side on the other orbit (with a larger radius) and receive constantly unbalanced state of the system and, as a result, constant rotation about axis. Such device should remain in the gravitational field (it is an obligatory condition). On the ground surface such condition is easily performed. But on an asteroid, for instance, it is not. An asteroid is not a source of gravitational field (as it has no hot nucleus).

“Do not try to use the gravitational engine on an asteroid and on other smaller cosmic bodies, and also in the inner and middle space!” (from the future instructions on how to use the gravitational engine).

We were born to make it happen!

Hundreds of years mankind cannot stop attempting to receive free energy which could be available for everyone. Greatest minds of all times have been trying to invent the so-called “perpetuum mobile”. But, unfortunately, it all was in vain till now. The main condition of gravitational engine working capacity is supporting the unbalanced state in it. In all developed and produced “eternal” gravitational engines that have ever been created this condition was not maintained.

That is why the only example existing today of receiving energy using earth’s gravitational field is generating units (or hydro power plants, HPPs). With obligatory presence of altitude differences the gravity power makes the previously collected water mass move and HPPs then transform it into electric energy.

Lack of progress in the sphere of receiving free energy is caused by lack of systematic approach to the problem and set of basic rules underlain in the creation process of capable devices. All researchers and inventors while developing and creating their gadgets were playing hunch, actively using their intuition and enthusiasm, i.e. they were using cut-and-dry method. The exception in this rule is probably N. Tesla, who had his own vision about structure of the universe and the way of using it in developing original devices in the sphere of power-engineering.

Formally, existing of hand-made “perpetuum mobile” inventions is impossible as there is no engine capable to work eternally. The life time of loaded, rubbing, rotating and shifting details is quite insignificant as compared with eternity. These details demand periodic maintenance (adjustment, lubrication, replacement). That is why it makes sense to speak about “over unity devices” having the power gain k more than one. Here k is a relation of the power output to the power input. Such devices can work on the principle of electronic or electric amplifier using unlimited (theoretically) external source of EMF (electromotive force). In this case a real source of gradation of mechanical output (rotation energy) can be seen in the example of the real (not abstract-mathematical) earth’s gravitational field.

Work of gravitational engine should be based on the generalized principle of work of “an amplifier with turned-on positive feedback”. The gravitational engine itself should be a direct analogy of an electronic amplifier which passes to the oscillation mode when positive feedback is turned on, and as for the gravitational engine it goes to the constant autorotation mode. That is why the main detail in the gravitational engine construction is the gravitational amplifier. If an electronic amplifier can have the power gain k equal to hundreds and thousands, for the gravitational amplifier such values are almost out of reach. We can divide the working mass by such a huge number of parts only in theory. In practice not more than 128 on a wheel of big sizes are possible considering the necessity of providing each weight with a balance arm and a mechanism of one -way rotation.

The key to the over unity  is division (breakdown) of space-time system parameters  (mass and action in particular) and further summing of the received result. To give the same acceleration a to the masses m and m/32, for example, one should spend the energy amount 32 times different in size.

The simplest gravitational amplifier represents a wheel with evenly spread inline weights on a movable spokes  with a possibility to change the position of the general centre of the masses. It is realized due to successive deviation of each element (weight) into which the general mass of the system is divided, - obligatory  function of straightening and of  folding of spokes with the weight. Along with it the function of summing the result of each received deviation should also be present. Following this function is possible by connecting the spokes at  the wheel through the mechanism of one- way rotation -  overrunning clutches, for instance. By increasing the number of elements (weights) and keeping the length of a spokes and each element’s mass value the same, the total amount of energy spent on deviation of one element remains constant, and the power gain increases in direct proportion to the number of elements. To create the simplest gravitational amplifier a small number of elements (6, 8, 12) is enough, but for the transition into the oscillation mode it is necessary to increase the number of elements to 32. Using more is possible, but not less – otherwise we shall receive unstable work of the device.  Applying the single last requirement to some famous constructions “dead, not working perpetuum mobiles” is quite enough to bring them to “life” and make them work!

Useful Model Patent of the Russian Federation:
№ 81775
International Application Number:
PCT/RU 2008/000725

We have brought to life several variants of the gravitational engine, including the gravitational engine with active elements, supporting of constant unbalanced state of the wheel in which is done with the help of an electric motor. The role of active elements can also be performed by electromagnets, stepping motors, servomotors and others. Their functional usage is in straightening/folding of spokes  with weights, i.e. supporting of constant unbalanced state of the wheel.

What should be mentioned here is that many people dislike “bunches of motors and wires” in over unity  devices. This is a totally wrong approach, as a over unity  is a relation of received energy to spent energy with the value of more than one.  Regardless of means of getting this result. Moreover, if the gravitational engine lacks an active element (an electric motor, an electromagnet, a stepping motor, etc.), the function of such element should anyway be imitated with the help of a mechanical analogy. In order to achieve it the mechanism shoving the weights in the movement direction with the increase gear from an output shaft should be installed. The thing is that the mechanical movement (rotation) of a compound object (a system of simple objects) always represents a multistep (at least double-step) functional action which consists of gearing-down frequency   (rotating velocity) from the internal step to the external.

Any moving with acceleration or a rotating system (in a general case developing in space and time) should contain an oscillator in its basis. The higher the frequency of this basic oscillator, the more energy (in our scale perception) can be received in the system output. No internal oscillator means no accelerated movement, no rotation, no system (it simply does not function). It is a basic principle which all natural phenomena are subordinate to, along with all nature’s mechanisms and systems functioning, including social ones.

Discussing the principles of work of the gravitational engine and the variants of its realization can last forever. It is undoubtedly interesting. But even more interesting is to find out the perspectives and benefits of its usage, meaning to proceed to the “dessert”.

Why do people want free energy?

Because only free energy can help become absolutely free. It will help lose the dependence on power supplying companies, be free from the necessity to live where electricity exists and not where you wish to live, forget about constant problems with paying the bills and other stuff like that.

It is hard to imagine all benefits of possessing free energy, if no one has ever used it anywhere before. Let us think together what using of the gravitational engine can give us:

Energy independence! Independence from power supplying companies, the prices imposed by them and other “good things”.

If you are able to fully satisfy your needs in electricity using the gravitational engine, you will be totally indifferent about how high the tariffs are now or how much they have grown. Because you will not have to pay for them anymore!

And this gives us…

Serious money savings! Have you ever calculated how much money you spend on electric power every year? For 5, 10, 25 years, for all your life? A lot. Quite a lot. Way too much to keep paying this money to the power supplying companies for their providing us with electricity. Electricity production, by the way, has a cost value which is a lot less than the price we all have to pay.

In fact, we give our money to energy producers and they, in turn, are polluting our planet for our money.

So, this means that the gravitational engine gives us…

Ecological safety! Really, what can be better for Nature: vast steaming power stations, hydro power plants flooding great territories, atomic electric stations with an accident risk like it was in Chernobyl and with the problems of storing the radioactive waste, or a small metal construction which can harm somebody only when thrown from the roof on people’s heads? We believe the answer is obvious.

By the way, speaking about the size…

Would you like to have the device ready to supply you with energy which could easily be put into a small van?

No questions needed here… The gravitational engine can develop so much power, so the device ready to supply your apartment with energy can be placed somewhere in the room at the wall, and it will not bother you at all!

In other words, the gravitational engine allows…

Its convenient placing! Really, you would hardly stand to have an generator working on gas or on diesel oil of necessary power at home. And not everybody has a soundproof basement with sufficient airing system or a backyard to place this stinking and roaring monster there.

As for the noise, it is not about the gravitational engine at all. It can be made absolutely silent – you will not hear tremendous jigger, rattle, roar which is usually heard from ordinary gas engine-generator. The sounds produced by the gravitational engine depend only on the way of straightening/folding of spokes with the weights, and there is plenty of such ways, and nearly half of them are absolutely silent.

This adds another huge plus to the gravitational engine, such as…

Noiselessness! The gravitational engine can be so silent that you can easily place it at home and not worry about the quality of your sleep.

You can sleep well now not thinking about the fuel prices, because there is no fuel used in the gravitational engine at all.

You do not need to have fuel cans with gas all the time and huge amount of money to refill because there is no need in that anymore!

No fuel needed! The last and the most important in our gas-stinking world plus is capacity of the gravitational engine to help us get rid of the necessity to use gas all the time. You will forget about it – one easily gets used to good things.

After enumerating all these advantages of the gravitational engine you are expecting an offer to buy something. Probably the gravitational engine itself ready in a set with an electric generator. Probably, a set of documents with instructions for an independent manufacturing, installation, networking and its maintenance.

But we are not making any kind of offer to you. We are not asking you to buy anything.

All information about the gravitational engine provided on this website is ABSOLUTELY FREE. For  a while…

This includes the archive of photos showing the intermediate and working drafts of the gravitational engine.

This includes the video demonstrating the gravitational engine in use.

This includes articles, sketches and graphic charts explaining operational principle.

This includes the methods of calculating the part specifications of the engine to receive the needed net capacitance.

All this information will help anyone wishing to fabricate the gravitational engine independently using widely spread and inexpensive constituents.

This information can help correct mistakes and bring into operation unsuccessful constructions already fabricated and abandoned long time ago.

Use the gravitational engine to satisfy your needs in energy.

Free energy for free spreading and free usage.

Freedom and Luck always go hand in hand!


Mikhail Dmitriev

All devices demonstrated in sections “Photos” and “Videos” are working and operating. They only differ in the power gain. The large value of the power gain allows locking out the positive feedback, i.e. to provide autorotation.

The question is “How much will it give?”

The answer is “As much as you need”

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