Monday 10.02.06 - Community News
Myst V Windows Media Center Patch
A new Myst V patch is available for Windows Media Center users. It is not required for other users. This patch offers changes to the following:
  • Fonts and Symbols were enlarged in order to be more visible when using the 10' interface
  • Symbols were changed in order to be Remote Control and Gamepad Controller friendly
  • Navigation and Slate drawing is now Remote Control and Gamepad Controller friendly
  • Registers the game with the Media Center shell
  • Places a new icon in the More Programs section of Media Center
  • Allows for the use of 3rd-party Media Center shells
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Wednesday 07.12.06 - Community News
Myst Featured in VGL
Are you near the Chicago area? Video Games Live is coming to the Rosemont Theater on August 5, 2006 and features music from Myst! Check out this page for more information about buying tickets for the event.
Thursday 05.18.06 - Community News
CNET Features Uru Live
In this artcle at, Daniel Terdiman interviews Cyan Worlds CEO Rand Miller, along with long-time AVID Myst fan, "Deg" for the scoop on Uru Live's resurrection on Gametap...
Tuesday 05.16.06 - Community News
Uru Live, the bold new MMO based on the popular Myst series of games and cancelled before launch in 2004, has just been given new life by Gametap, the broadband gaming network. Myst fans everywhere are celebrating the news as more features, new content and episodes have all been confirmed!

The news, originally posted here at Uru Live's Blog, has taken the patient Until Uru Community by storm. Be sure to head to your favourite Myst fan site to learn more, and join the Explorers as they return to D'ni. More information and links inside...

Tuesday 03.14.06 - Community News
Rand's Message to Uru Fans
Rand Miller, CEO of Cyan Worlds has posted an important message to all Uru Fans, here in the D'ni Guild Forums. If you love Myst, Uru and especially Uru Live, this is a must read. Thanks to MDraper for this news!
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Cyan recently opened a new Until Uru shard! What did you do?

I have been in UU since it began and never left.
I rushed out to reinstall Uru and get into D'mala!
I am planning to install and join the others in the cavern, soon.
I am waiting to see what comes of this news...
What is Until Uru?

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