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1988 to Present

Australia-wide efforts to celebrate the bicentenary of the arrival of the First Fleet at Sydney Cove in 1788 saw increased funding provided for local histories and heritage matters.

Public protests in the late 1980s concerning the beach pollution caused by the ocean outfalls of Sydney sewage system prompted the construction of deep water ocean outfalls which greatly reduced beach pollution.

Increasing council concerns about public liability risks and the rising cost of public liability premiums saw a proliferation of signage at ocean baths.

Support for the Coastcare movement and support for conservation of coastal marine life (even of the need to conserve once-feared species of sharks) grew. There was also growing acceptance of the need for water conservation and the use of environmentally sensitive methods of maintaining the ocean baths.

The ageing of the Australian population meant seniors (people over 70 years of age) became a more vocal and politically significant section of the community.

Three ocean baths were added to the State Heritage Register, joining a number of other tidal pools.

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