Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mahmoud Matin Azad and Arash Basirat, two Christians from the city of Shiraz who had previously received death sentencing for heresy, were set free.
Ghlam-Hussein Raeisi, the lawyer representing the two, who had converted to Christianity, in connection with the release of his clients stated: “On Tuesday, 3 Mehr (September 24), my clients were put on trial in branch 5 of the provincial criminal court and, fortunately, after delivery of my defense and council by five judges present in the court, the heresy charges were dropped and they were released on Wednesday, 4 Mehr (September 25)”.
Mr. Raeisi, in connection with the dropping of charges against his clients, stated: “according to our constitutional law, freedom of thought is acceptable and according to article 23 of the constitutional law, any action to control thoughts is considered illegal.  The trial and issuing heresy charges against my clients was based on controlling their thoughts, which is illegal.  On the other hand, article 19 in the International Human Rights Convention guarantees that everyone is entitled to express their own ideas and speech; and articles 18 and 19 in International Political and Civil Rights mandates that accusing people for their specific thinking is forbidden.  According to article 9 in the civil laws, the rules of the convention must be respected and obeyed.  Accordingly, based on these laws, my clients’ sentencing was not for their beliefs, and the defense was fortunately accepted by the court”.
Source: Rooz Online

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